Looking to Spruce Up Your Client’s Art Program? Here are 3 trends to Help [HD Expo]

May 16, 2019

Terry Eaton, founder of Eaton Fine Art, has over 25 years of experience collaborating on art programs for international hotel brands. At the HD Expo in Las Vegas, he shares with us the current trends he’s seeing.

The goal of any hotel’s art program is to leave an impression on its guests. At Eaton Fine Art, founder Terry Eaton has been working to do just that for clients, which include numerous international hotel brands, for over 25 years. At the HD Expo in Las Vegas, Eaton sat down with interiors+sources to discuss the current trends he’s seeing, from dimensionality and pops of color, to crafting a narrative.

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1. Dimensionality. Art pieces that have a structural, 3D element have proven to engage guests. Eaton is seeing this trend from luxury properties on down. This trend might include carved pieces or dimensional prints.

“It’s not just a typical framed piece of artwork anymore,” Eaton says, adding: “We feel it’s the way to go in a creative package. We’re collaborating with a lot of different design firms, brands and owners to bring that to the table and to curate a really innovative art package around what’s right for the specific project.”

2. Color. “Whether it’s bright colors or more subdued colors for a sophisticated palette, it’s still that color punch that brings the art to life,” Eaton says.

Bright, neon colors were often seen on the show floor at the HD Expo. Eaton says art is a great way to add a pop of color to a room without overwhelming the space. More colorful products also means more opportunities to match art to other interior elements.

3. Following a Narrative. What’s going to be your client’s creative statement? That’s what any art program should consider. “One thing we might do for Brand XYZ is not going to be the same at another brand,” Eaton says.

For example, at a Hilton property in West Palm Beach, FL, the narrative involved bringing the sunshine and nature indoors through the artwork. Much of the curated works were from local artists in southern Florida.

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A Changing Industry

A hotel’s art program is a way to not only make an impression on guests, but to infuse soul into a guestroom or public space, Eaton says. And although trends are always changing, it’s what makes the industry so engaging. “If it was always the same, I don’t think we’d be as excited to be in this industry,” Eaton says.

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