Image courtesy of Elephant in a Box
The Honeycomb Support Technology (HoST) that lies within the Elephant in a Box products.

Elephant in a Box Reveals Science Behind HoST Technology

March 8, 2023
The makers of Elephant in a Box are pulling back the curtain to talk a little bit about the patent-approved technology that powers their products.

No one’s ignoring this elephant.

The makers of Elephant in a Box are pulling back the curtain to talk a little bit about the patent-approved technology that powers their products which will soon range from sofas and mattress bases to energy-efficient bricks and zero-foam packaging, with more possibilities to come.

Inside lies Honeycomb Support Technology (HoST), comprised of engineered cellulose fiber sheets, cut and glued with a proprietary design and machinery creating an incredibly strong, flexible and compressible material that cuts back immensely on the use of wood, metal and coils for internal framing. And unlike those materials, HoST will not break and can be formed into any type of shape, upholstered with any type of fabric and a product development team behind it that can help customers pinpoint the perfect combo for any type of project.

“The science of the cell is what regulates its strength,” explained Daniela Terminal, co-CEO of this woman-owned company that expects to open a new manufacturing facility in the U.S. this year. They are currently manufacturing out of Egypt.

Not only does HoST cut back on waste and dial up durability (big time), but it’s also set to answer the shipping and lead time issues that have plagued the commercial design industry for some time now, with quicker, cheaper and more efficient deliveries.

Take a look at these spec(ifics) for HoST and check out their website to learn more.


  • 2 main applications for interiors (bed, sofa)…for now
  • 30% manufacturing cost savings to furniture companies
  • 40% less time to manufacture
  • 3x more sofas using HoST can fit per shipping container
  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable
  • 220 lbs per square foot of weight withstood (3,000 lbs per sofa)
  • Infinite shapes it can hold and materials upholstered with

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