Where Do You Find Joy in Design?

March 31, 2015

I&S asked interviewees from this issue this question

"When my hopes and goals toward success in a project are verified by a favorable response from a client or guest, I feel joy in knowing that my efforts were appreciated, and that my goals of making a lasting impression on the lives of those who have visited there have been achieved. I can only imagine that guests will appreciate their experience in the space I helped to create for years to come, and that while perhaps anonymously, I have left my impression on each and every visitor."
—Dianna Facci, senior interior design professional at HOK

"For me it is the excitement of creating something from absolutely nothing. It gets more and more exciting as every detail becomes real and starts to speak and trigger emotions from the people who will live, love, and laugh in areas of our designs. I also find that materials are inspirations in themselves, as oftentimes a piece of fabric or stone sample will generate ideas for new uses, and hence a whole space can be derived from just that smallest detail.”
—Christina Hart, director of hospitality for HOK

"Joy comes in the endless ways that I see designers and design transforming lives everyday—whether it’s a healthcare space that incorporates healing and wellness in every design detail, a workspace that balances elements of natural light, collaboration, and ergonomics to create a productive and ultimately fulfilling experience, or a residential space designed so children with disabilities can feel safer and more comforted."
—Randy W. Fiser, CEO of ASID

My best work occurs at that familiar nexus of budget, sustainability, materials, and the client’s desire. Working out the difficulties is a tremendous rush. Constraints drive my creativity. I take the challenge seriously and discover my solution with real glee and triumph. Travel also inspires.  A recent trip arranged by Tile of Spain reinforced this. Experiencing the history, urbanism, and culture was terrific. You cannot substitute photographs of architecture for walking in and experiencing it.
—Daniel H. Cantwell, owner of DHC Design

The fact that we are able to design spaces for people to gather, meet, greet, fall in love, break up, eat, sleep—that we can tell so many different stories and work on so many different kinds of projects. Every project is unique and different, and to be able to work on all those different levels with all these different people—that’s the joy, that’s the inspiration.
—Glen Coben, president of Glen & Co. Architecture

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