Landscape Forms Receives Five National Design Awards

April 27, 2015

Three collections took the honors

Landscape Forms has three lines that were recently selected as the recipients of five separate design awards.

“This is a great recognition of the quality work we are doing as a company,” said Richard Heriford, president of the manufacturer. “Each product or collection we produce is the result of many years collaboration and hard work from both our employees and our design partners, and it is very exciting to see that effort celebrated.”

The following lines were honored:

  •          MultipliCITY (designer Yves Behar and fuseproject)
    •        2015 Green GOOD DESIGN Award
    •        2014 International Design Awards (IDA) Silver in Urban Sustainable Design
    •        2014 IDA Bronze in Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories
  •          Central Park Conservancy Recycling System (designer Landor)
    •        2014 IDA Gold in Urban Sustainable Design
  •          STRATA (designer Jess Sorel)
    •        2014 IDA Silver in Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories

MultipliCITY is an international collection of outdoor public furniture elements that gives new meaning to the term “global design.” Created and developed in partnership with celebrated design innovators Yves Behar and fuseproject, MultipliCITY pioneers the integration of mass production and custom materials and configurations for a global market. The flexible, dynamic system addresses multiple scales, applications, and creative expressions and includes six elements: a backed and backless bench, table, bike rack, LED pathlight, and litter.

The Central Park Conservancy Recycling System combines high form and humble function. The leading design and branding firm Landor designed it as a custom solution for the non-profit Central Park Conservancy to advance environmental stewardship at the world’s most famous urban park. The three-unit system, first developed and produced by Landscape Forms Studio 431, has proven itself on the job, earned multiple design awards, and been adopted as a Landscape Forms standard product.

Strata is an innovative collection of MeldStone benches and tables that reimagines what cast concrete can be. Created in collaboration with industrial designer Jess Sorel, it is the first Landscape Forms product specifically designed to employ the company’s proprietary MeldStone ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) technology. Strata uses MeldStone’s capability for casting thin, strong forms that are structurally robust and heavy, while visually light and fluid. The collection includes a straight bench with and without back, a backless angled bench and an asymmetric six-sided table, all of which can be combined in multiple ways to create out-of-the-ordinary social settings. 

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