Configura to Unveil Virtual Reality for CET Designer at NeoCon

June 8, 2015

Stop by the firm's booth to test out the technology

Configura will unveil Virtual Reality for CET Designer at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, June 15-17 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Visitors to Configura’s booth are invited to experience design in a whole new way, one that puts the designer or the customer “into” the space that he or she is creating or buying.

“Virtual Reality for CET Designer is for anyone who designs interior spaces and specifies products that go in the designed space,” Configura Business Development Manager Brooke Snow said. “With this technology, they can create incredible options for customers, and their customers can experience their planned space before they even buy the furnishings. The technology is amazing for truly demonstrating proof of concept and for decision-making.”

Designers and salespeople at office furniture dealerships and A+D firms are among those who will benefit from this solution. The Virtual Reality technology will be an Extension to CET Designer, Configura’s intelligent space-planning software that simplifies the sales and ordering process.

Here’s how it works: The user creates a drawing using CET Designer, designing a space filled with manufacturers’ products (office furniture, walls, etc.). The Virtual Reality for CET Designer Extension, combined with Oculus Rift glasses worn by the user, helps the user to see the designed space and even “walk around” inside the space. The user can look around the room by simply moving their head to “look” in different directions, while “walking” is handled with remote control or joystick.

Whoever wears the glasses when using the Extension will be able to experience the space. The technology currently works with Oculus Rift glasses, but more brands will be supported as they become available on the market.

“Seeing is believing but seeing is also understanding. VR makes it a lot easier to understand and explore space planning. I’m convinced this technology will have a major impact on the space-planning industry,” said Jimmie West, one of the developers behind VR technology for Configura.

Virtual Reality for CET Designer is another tool in the CET Designer arsenal that helps designers and salespeople to really show their customers their planned space. Other tools include Photo Lab, which helps designers to create photorealistic 2D and 3D renderings, and Movie Studio, which lets designers create fly-thru videos of designed space.

Virtual Reality for CET Designer is the first immersive, industry-wide VR solution on the market that supports multiple manufacturers’ products and then allows the furniture buyer to virtually walk through their space before they purchase. CET Designer supports more than 100 manufacturers’ product lines through different Extensions.

“CET Designer lets any drawing be converted into a virtual-reality experience,” Snow said. “This technology opens up huge possibilities for manufacturers and for the dealers and designers who specify their products. It’s a whole new way to design and sell.”

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