NeoCon Tastemakers

Aug. 4, 2015

Check out a smattering of offerings from this year's show

The ways in which workspaces are evolving was evident across NeoCon 2015, from the variety of standing desks to open-office privacy pods. In no place was the office more heavily on display than the Allsteel showroom. While at first glance it appeared to simply display the best of their current products, the genius behind its design became apparent when realizing each vignette quietly displayed the ways in which the office furniture could be mixed and matched to accommodate changing user needs.

Maharam has expanded upon its vast textile collections by offering rugs designed by Paolo Lenti, an Italian designer known for combining traditional craftsmanship with technological advancements. The three Feltro rugs are hand-felted from virgin Italian wool, offering a range of artisanal aesthetics. The felting process also compacts the rug by 30 percent, which provides resistance to abrasion, humidity, and water.

Decca’s NeoCon theme of “Nothing is Standard” was right on the money. And it was illustrated perfectly throughout their showroom with product groupings that ranged from all custom to all standard and everything in between. Of course, what really popped though was their variety of collaborations with masters such as Brian Graham who bring Decca’s one of a kind aesthetic of classic lines and simple, yet bold, angles to life.

The Corian Charging Surface uses a transmitter hidden below the surface to transfer energy wirelessly to a receiver within or attached to a smart device, effectively turning a coffee table or any other platform into a charger. At the NeoCon press conference that announced the offering, our managing editor fueled his phone with some percentage points—and his stomach with stuffed mushrooms!

Dauphin showed off various iterations of its konstrux and Junxion lines. Both collections can work together to enhance space and technology utilization—whether users need a nook for privacy, or a hub for conferencing, these solutions get the job done.

The Milliken showroom’s focus on creating a vibrantly simplistic display ensured eyes stayed transfixed on the ground. While it can often be difficult to envision the final effect of patterned carpet swatches, Milliken’s vast floor space allowed attendees to take their imaginations beyond the swatch. In particular, their Naturally Drawn collection was captivating, commanding its audience to watch the changing strokes underfoot, then to regard the framed colored samples lining the walls as if they were works of fine art.

Coalesse’s showroom is always a must-see at NeoCon, especially over the past few years as it has served as an important barometer of today’s design climate. With everyone working all the time, both everywhere and nowhere at all, their special breed of lifestyle furniture and accessories that transition seamlessly between the office and home are the perfect secret weapon. And their space at the Mart shows you myriad ways to discharge it. Their designs are classically chic, ensuring they’ll stand the test of time. Featured here is the fouronefive_CO table accompanied by sixfivezero_LAM seating.

The Falcon showroom was a virtual flea market of ideas, and a great example of how to effectively utilize a smaller footprint. Visitors were treated to a wide variety of vignettes featuring their education-focused offerings, from classroom settings to lounge areas and café-style nooks.

This manufacturer of technology-equipped furniture unveiled the TechGuard Charging Lockers, a line of powered cabinets for storing, securing, and charging laptops, tablets, and phones. “Students and professionals typically carry at least two mobile devices,” said Robert Gabriel, product specialist. Available in 10-bay configurations, TechGuard should be able to accommodate loads of those types—as long as they wield the accompanying access cards.

interiors from spain
At first, the Interiors from Spain booth caught our editors’ eyes in its authenticity—appearing to be a functional workspace for busy attendees—but upon entering, it was the whimsical nature of their products that was the most enticing. The U-shaped design featured vignettes actively displaying the ways in which their products mesh to become active, passive, and outdoor means of transforming the work environment without losing aesthetic appeal.

In honor of their modular collections Chemistry and Wheels—both inspired by the scientific world—Keilhauer’s booth was a bright, clean laboratory of innovation, from Chemistry’s bold graphic displays to Wheels’ room to explore. This vibe of experimentation was made even more apparent through the way attendees interacted with each piece, reclining on Wheels’ seating to casually chitchat or testing the ease in which people can convene together on Chemistry's angled benches.

This line of shade cloths comprise thin, woven yarns for a smooth texture and gentle look. Options include wider or denser weaves to vary the amount of daylight let in, and 12 subtle colors that provide a minimal accent. Called the SoHo Collection, it commemorates MechoSystems’ half-century in NYC’s renowned neighborhood—and its journey from a cast-iron storefront, to the forefront of window treatment solutions.

Acoustic panels got a makeover this year. Everywhere we looked in the Mart, it seemed exhibitors were displaying their very own versions of the most affective acoustic panels that finally aren’t skimping on design. Arper’s were a great example. Looking more like a piece of modern art rather than function, Parentesit is available in three shapes and can even include a speaker or ambient light.

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