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Configura and Herman Miller to Collaborate

Oct. 27, 2015

The two will work on a new visualizing platform for the global product portfolio

Configura, maker of CET Designer software, recently announced a collaboration agreement with Herman Miller, a globally recognized provider of furnishings and related technologies and services. Configura will develop a CET Designer Extension using Configura Extension Technology (CET) to build out Herman Miller’s global product portfolio, resulting in a more seamless and realistic digital experience for customers.

“Configura is the industry leader in visualization and space-planning tools, and has continued to progressively enhance their portfolio of software,” said Herman Miller Chief Information Officer Jeff Kurburski. “This technology is the foundation of our visualization strategy, which will make it easier to design, configure and specify our products.” 

CET Designer helps manufacturers and their dealers and designers to more quickly bring products to the end customer; the technology simplifies the specification and ordering of products by providing a single software solution for the entire space-planning process.

CET Designer is Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)-based software residing on the CET platform; an Extension is an addition to the program with functionality that incorporates all of the rules, parts and pricing of a given manufacturer’s products. Manufacturers invest in proprietary CET Designer Extensions to make selling products easier, faster and more accurate.

“We’re so excited and pleased to welcome Herman Miller, and to partner with them for a CET Designer Extension,” Configura CEO Johan Lyreborn said. “Our collaboration agreement with Herman Miller is a major milestone for our company and for the industry. Configura Extension Technology is a one platform for all: a scalable solution embraced by industry leaders around the globe.”

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