i+s Editor-in-Chief AnnMarie Martin Talks About 2016 Changes

Jan. 4, 2016
We're shaking things up at i+s

Well we just wouldn't be us if we weren't forever keeping you on your toes, now would we?

So other than to say how damn proud I am of our first issue of 2016, I have some other news to deliver. After just a few short months at the helm, I have made the decision to step down from my role as editor in chief of this awesome magazine.

While I can't say the choice was a difficult one, it is certainly bittersweet as this position is something I've been working toward for years now. But it's all for this little face to the bottom left, who has graced this page in the past because I just can't help myself.

My son, Sebastian, has been dealing with a number of developmental issues for a while now, one of them being something called Sensory Processing Disorder which affects his speech and ability to learn and play. Don't worry, he's one tough cookie and has powered through the past year and a half of therapies to make incredible strides. But it's something we need to keep plugging away at, every day, and I recently came to the realization that I belong right by his side through all of it. Nowhere else.

Another reason this decision was an easy one is because I know you are all going to be in incredibly good hands. Kadie Yale, our product seeker extraordinaire, design historian, and Parsons grad will be stepping into my role, and is a force to be reckoned with. You should expect to see her face around the country this year plucking the most original and groundbreaking introductions and people from the bunch.

Chris Curtland, our managing editor and all around “nice guy,” is making moves himself—big ones. Chris will be relocating very soon to the tri-state area to help cover this all important territory for us. This country boy should already be hitting the big city by the time this goes to press, so just look for the guy wandering around with a stalk of wheat dangling from his lip.

And then of course there's Kim Barbrie, team "mom" and legendary Art Director of i+s for 14 years now. It's her visual class and style that are the true drivers of this magazine. Last but not least, there's our editor-at-large Rob Nieminen. I like to call him the “brains” of the operation as he whips up those hard-hitting print CEUs we’re known for.

Oh right, and there’s still me! I’ll now be serving as a deputy editor come February, so feel free to reach out to me at any time, at [email protected] or my new number (201) 264-9872.

This scrappy little team of firecrackers is the best in the business. I should know...I've been around long enough to be able to say that.
So here's to them, here's to you and here's to my boy. I hope you all love our refresh and refocus, and as our publisher Mike Stanley always says, remember:
"Everything's going to be ok."

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AnnMarie Martin | Editor-in-Chief

AnnMarie has been covering the commercial design space since 2005 and has been on the editorial staff at i+s since 2011. Her style and vision has helped the brand evolve into a thought leader in purpose-driven design and cultural movements shaping the way we live and work. She returned to the role of editor in chief at the start of 2023 and her journalism and fiction writing background have helped to craft bi-monthly issues that don’t just report the latest industry news, but tell a cohesive tale of some of the biggest topics facing designers today.

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