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The Center for Health Design Launches "The Perception of Cleanliness"

Feb. 1, 2016

The toolbox is a library of expert insights, case studies, research data, and strategies

The Center for Health Design has launched a new topic toolbox, “The Perception of Cleanliness”. The fifth topic toolbox to launch since November, each toolbox contains a library of newly-created and Center staff-curated content: research findings, expert insights, strategies, tools, and other useful resources. A portion of each of our topic toolboxes are free and open to all, while Affiliate+ members have access to the complete toolbox. 

Environmental cleanliness affects the patient experience, patient satisfaction, perceived service quality, and actual quality in terms of infection prevention. Successfully achieving certain levels of cleanliness requires an interdisciplinary approach that involves the building design, operational and policy changes, education of personnel, and cultural changes to organizations. To aid in this success, The Center has created The Perception of Cleanliness toolbox that contains:

  • An Issue Brief and Executive Summary 
  • Five Interviews
  • Two Case Studies
  • Design Strategies
  • A Design Tool
  • Three Blogs
  • Lessons Learned
  • Related Resources

“As our industry increasingly focuses on pressing healthcare issues such as noise, healthcare reform, communication and perception of cleanliness, they are looking at ways to incorporate design to improve health outcomes and reduce future operating costs. The Center is ready to provide the tools, insights and strategies needed to achieve success,” said Debra Levin, EDAC, president and CEO, The Center for Health Design. “These toolkits are another way for us to advance best practices and empower both our members and our community with research and education that demonstrates the value of design to improve health outcomes and patient experience of care.”

For more information on this and other Center toolboxes, click here.

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