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February Profile: Behind the Scenes

Feb. 8, 2016

Take a closer look at Shadi Shahrokhi's vintage motorcycle collection.

If you read our February profile, you know that one of the first things that greets you when you enter Trak-Kit's shop and studio on Hudson Street in lower Manhattan is a 1960 Dominator—a rare vintage motorcycle from New Zealand.

"As a designer, one looks for inspiration in various places. I became quite interested in English bikes from the 1960s. It was a decade that allowed the simple bikes to get mature and stay minimal until the 70s came along and that all changed," explains founder Shadi Shahrokhi.

"To this day these bikes represent a timeless simplicity that I like to achieve with most of the work that I do. Like a haiku, a perfect design has just the right lines, no more and no less. Something magical happened in the 60s with the English bikes. There is also the concept of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Make solid and proper gear and as long as you give it some TLC here and there it will be good forever—you never fill up the landfills. This is another aspect that we think about in our designs."

Check out a few a more shots of Shahrokhi with his bikes to the left, taken by photographer Sergio Ghetti.

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