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Simeone Deary Design Group Endorses SONNY+ASH's 360 VR

April 12, 2016

The rendering technology offers monetary and visual benefits

Chicago-based Simeone Deary Design Group designers have a new best friend: 360VR, the latest rendering technology offered by SONNY+ASH. 

“Using 360 VR helped our client visualize their restaurant project because they could, with the use of an iPad, operate the controls just as if they were standing inside the restaurant. It gave a real-life perspective to what a guest at the restaurant would see and experience as they looked around the space. The technology was as close to an animation as we could get with our renderings, and offered the presenter complete control as they showed the design of space,” said Alicia Francis, associate at Simeone Deary Design Group.

“To be able to couple Simeone Deary’s stunning and cutting edge designs with our 360VR technology is breath taking. Being able to experience detailed design elements in the space, with an easy-to-use technology, offers our clients an opportunity to create and modify thorough dialog. This clarity saves costs and is an authentic representation of the design story,” said Ash, chief creative officer of SONNY+ASH.

Owners and developers are sparking to the new use of the technology and beginning to ask for it as it pre-empts revision expenditures previously associated with design projects.

“The client was pleased to see the project presented in such a complete and thoughtful way, as the 360 view helped them visualize the design. Any changes made, due to using this technology, became a cost saving value to the project. Using this technology brings awareness to any potential architectural design issues and makes it easy to revise prior to documentation and construction,” added Francis.

The process of sharing the 360 VR was simple “Studio Rendering (now SONNY+ASH) provided our team with a link that we could then access from a laptop/desktop or iPad. We then downloaded a 360-viewer app on the iPad and were ready to share with the client. It was very user-friendly. We’ve gone on to use this technology on two additional projects after the success of the first presentation,” said Francis.

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