New Publisher and Brand Director for interiors+sources

Oct. 1, 2018

Steven Sloan, i+s' new publisher and brand director, sits down for a Q&A to discuss his new role within the team and his visions of the future.

interiors+sources is proud to announce that Steven Sloan was recently promoted to publisher and brand director.

Sloan’s passions for media and design have collided during his 12 years with i+s as he has navigated his way through the world of publishing. An example of his successes is the launch of Curios, a subscription box service that sends out material samples to 250 subscribers in the A&D community every other month. 

Envisioned by Sloan, Curios has been wildly successful for both interiors+sources and those who receive the sample boxes – the growing wait list is proof to show. 

With his consistent drive and passion for the field, we are excited to see where Sloan will take i+s in the months and years to come. 

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Learn more about his new position and how he plans to move i+s onward and upward in our Q&A below.

How do you see interiors+sources utilizing and helping lead design as it evolves today? 

Steven Sloan: There are less boundaries in design today than ever before – formal is blended with casual; the hospitality market is influencing healthcare design; celebrities are becoming designers; we’re all doing extraordinarily more with less. Our goal is to help our readers not just react to this evolution, but get ahead of the curve and put them in the driver’s seat.

What are some of your goals for i+s?

SS: I believe that when it comes to the world of media, we are only successful when we’re helping our partners grow their businesses. To that end, we’re expanding our product portfolio to make that easier and more effective. Lots more on that front to come in 2019.

Any particular projects on the horizon you’re excited about? 

SS: The year ahead is a big one for i+s – it’s the 5th anniversary of Design Connections, 10th anniversary of Materials Pavilion at NeoCon, and 35th anniversary of the magazine. Expect some off-the-wall events and experiences to commemorate these milestones (wood, aluminum, coral).

What are you most eager about within your first few weeks as brand director? 

SS: Our very popular Curios sample box program is expanding in big ways – delivering nine times next year and adding a digital component to reach the extensive waiting list we have for subscribers.

Name a must-have or your favorite item(s) in your office.

SS: I work from a home office where the most essential item is my Chemex full of coffee.

Do you have a personal mantra or motto that you apply to your work?

SS: I sign off many internal emails with “Onward + Upward” – move on if things didn’t go as planned or strive to raise the bar even further after a success. Nothing is worse than complacency.

interiors+sources is proud and honored to have Jason F. McLennan as our keynote speaker during Design Connections 2018. Find out how McLennan leaves his handprint on sustainable design.

About the Author

Adrian Schley | Associate Editor

Adrian Schley is an Associate Editor for i+s, where she has been covering the commercial interior design industry since 2018. Her work can also be found in BUILDINGS and Meetings Today. 

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