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Chief Disruptor Kyle Berry Recognizes the Value of Young Designers in the Industry

Aug. 5, 2019

Kyle Berry, a designer and conference chair for Design Connections 2.0, highlights the value that young designers bring to the commercial designer industry. You can find him, along with four other emerging design professionals, on the cover of our August issue.


Kyle Berry is no stranger to asking uncomfortable questions in a way that challenges the status quo.

Currently a Designer II for AECOM in Chicago, his fearless attitude pushes the boundaries of commercial interior design while inciting positive change that brings value to the community as a whole. (Photo credit: Kyle Berry)

Berry was recognized for his energetic spirit in February when he, along with Jacquelyn Hunter, were named Chief Disruptors at Design Connections. One of the reasons he was chosen is because he continually works to promote the next generation of interior designers.

Leading the Next Generation Forward

“I find that younger designers are often undervalued in their firms, which is why you see so much turnover among new graduates,” says Berry.

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“Young designers are often the ones introducing their firms to new programs and new ways of designing, and yet we pay them far less than many of their peers in other fields. As a young designer, it's important to know your worth and always be vocal about your needs so that you can be a top performer and don’t get burnt out.” (Photo credit: Kyle Berry)

Berry also believes that moving forward, designers of all generations need to do a better job of educating the public on the value of interior design as a whole to create the best built environment possible.

He sees design, especially workplace design, being used more as a tool to determine the most efficient and effective environment in which people can live, play and work. 

Because of this, Berry stresses that the younger generation should continue to recognize the value of the craft of interior design, and to never let someone undercut their worth. “Interior designers are college-educated professionals just like chemists and economists and should value themselves as such.”

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