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Color Marketing Group Reveals 4 Global Key Colors for 2020

Oct. 9, 2019

Color Marketing Group, an international association of color design professionals, announces the organization’s 2020 World Color Forecast. The annual forecast is segmented by four regions: Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and North America. Learn more about the selected colors.

International association of color design professionals Color Marketing Group’s (CMG) most recent forecasted key colors will be emerging in the market in 2020.

These regional colors are selected from the CMG 2020+ World Color Forecast, comprised of 64 global colors and segmented by four regions, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and North America. The colors were introduced at the 2018 International Summit in Philadelphia and provide color directions two years into the future.

Sandy Sampson, CMG’s vice president of public relations and communications, says the key colors will translate across all commercial interiors. “The balance, quantity and combinations of the key colors in each interior will tailor the color’s meaning,” she says. “These colors will appear in retail, health and wellness, multifamily homes and spas, among others.” 

Sampson adds that the selected colors are part of the biophilic and health and wellness design trends that have seen a rise in recent years.

“Each of our four key colors are influenced by nature, climate change and a desire for sustainability,” she says. “Consumers are aware that they are in control of changing their perspectives to better their world. These colors emotionally and tactilely touch us. We are shifting to live in the moment, be real and be proactive with awareness and knowledge.”

Learn more about each of CMG’s selected four key colors emerging in 2020 according to the press release below.

2020+ North America Key Color: Electrum

A color suggestive of alternating currents, Electrum is the 2020+ key trend color for North America and the beginning of a new decade.

The complex, green-influenced gold metallic has a chameleon quality that allows it to shift between the two hues. This is not a chameleon color to match the background, but one to enhance it, says CMG’s press release.

(Photo: North America Key Color, Electrum, provided by Color Marketing Group)

Electrum represents different paths as 2020 approaches, and symbolizes the complexity of the future. Its color intricacy will enhance everything from action/recreation to residential accessories, and the metallic influence of its gold will touch personal care products, ­electronics and graphics.

2020+ Latin America Key Color: Ver-de-Verdad

Translating to seeing things how they are and how they are evolving, Ver-de-Verdad, Latin America’s 2020+ key color and new hue for the new decade, insists we perceive everything with a new perspective and determine exciting new action.

Commercial design, graphics and art, and personal items can all play as canvases for its lush hue.

(Photo: Latin America Key Color, Ver-de-Verdad, provided by Color Marketing Group)

Ver-de-Verdad is a key trend in color and design, and life. An expressive green color, balanced with yellow and toned with black, Ver-de-Verdad is a hue that represents an increased awareness and knowledge of nature, construction and everything’s place on the planet.

CMG’s press release states the hue suggests healing, of journeys into the forest primeval and the connected nature of the shared eco-system. Ver-de-Verdad is egalitarian in use, embracing all manner of designed products and spaces.

2020+ Asia Pacific Key Color: Seed of Life

Seed of Life delivers a statement of simplicity and origin that counters the busyness of life. Born of nature, this warm, neutral beige delivers a trend-forward message.

This Asia Pacific key color for 2020+, and growing into the new decade, succeeds in adding a sense of calm and connection amidst modern scenes.

(Photo: Asia Pacific Key Color, Seed of Life, provided by Color Marketing Group)

Seed of Life is the antithesis of rampant technology; it’s the color for going off-road, for exploring and for returning to one’s roots.

Timeless in architectural applications, including residential and commercial interiors, it will also move into fashion and accessories. With a touch of special effects, it will shimmer with metallics or soothe with a matte finish.

2020+ Europe Key Color: Feel Real

Feel Real is a color for life’s journeys and experiences. It is an Earth-inspired brown that’s visually engaging and activates the senses for scent and touch.

Whether in commercial, residential or fashion spaces, in a matte or satin finish, Feel Real offers the look to quench varied desires.

(Photo: Europe Key Color, Feel Real, provided by Color Marketing Group)

Each year, members of CMG—design professionals from many different industries—come together to collaborate on color, material and finish directions.

Members meet through the year at regional ChromaZones (color forecasting workshops), conferences and CMG’s International Summit.

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