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ICYMI: Our Most-Viewed Articles from 2019

Dec. 2, 2019

Looking at the top-performing stories on iands.design, our readers are engaging with a variety of content. This includes topical articles to podcasts, news and trends, profiles, completed projects and new sources. See the top interiors+sources articles of 2019.

Throughout 2019, the interiors+sources staff has happily worked hard to deliver information about current design trends, topics and products to help make your job easier. We stay on the pulse of what’s now and coming next to deliver great content to you in a variety of ways.

Looking at the top-performing stories on iands.design, that variety is resonating with you! Some of the most-viewed content consisted of a few of our favorites we delivered to you this year, including timely articles, to podcasts, news and trends, profiles, completed projects and new sources.

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In case you missed it the first time, here’s some of interiors+sources’ most-viewed content from 2019, broken down by type.


To celebrate 35 years of interiors+sources, we put people front and center on the magazine covers and in profile articles. That includes people established in the architecture and design community, our Designer of the Year Malene Barnett, and up and comers.

Designer of the Year Malene Barnett.

We highlighted five young professionals who are disrupting design, each in their own way:


We launched our I Hear Design podcast series in 2018, and it grew exponentially in 2019. Our podcast episodes focus on news, trending topics, thought leadership, products and solutions, and what design trends we are spotting in the field. Subscribe now to listen on your favorite platform.

Our most-listened podcast of 2019 is 6 Biophilic Trends You Should Consider for Your Next Interior Project. If you’re looking to incorporate biophilia into upcoming projects, give it a listen.

Timely Topics

From the unexpected NCAA Final “Floor” for the Final Four Revealed to the thoughtful How Do Interior Colors Affect Your Clients?, you can turn to interiors+sources for a variety of timely topics.

Connor Sports works directly with the NCAA on the design of the March Madness and Final Four courts each year. Credit: Connor Sports. 

One trend our editors continue to keep an eye on is hospitality blending into other markets, including the following articles from this year that highlight hospitality’s influence on the workplace and senior living:

An article looking at how International Plumbing Code amendments could impact gender-neutral restroom design was also well-received.


This award-winning article looks at the new Sandy Hook Elementary school, and how its design utilizes Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles while still creating an environment conducive to learning for the young occupants.

Many of the thoughtful design features at Sandy Hook serve multiple purposes. The large windows let in natural light and connect children to the environment, but they also serve as a safety feature by enabling people inside to see across the school campus.

Perkins and Will took the opportunity in its own redesign to create a living lab of design trends in its Miami office. Find out what Perkins and Will incorporated to position itself for the future of design.


Whether you’re designing an open office or want to add an amenity to an existing space, 3 Workplace Privacy Pods You’ll Want to Use can offer inspiration for adding another element without creating a separate room. Pods are available in various sizes, materials and varieties. This article reviews a meditation pod, lactation room and phone-booth style.

(Photo: The CLEAN IMPACT collection includes the first recycled biodegradable polyester textile for commercial interiors, according to Duvaltex. Credit: Duvaltex.)

We understand that breaking down and looking closer at products and sources can help you to do your job, so we will continue to feature them in 2020. Among the top content of 2019 is the product-focused article looking at the industry’s first biodegradable polyester.

In 2019, the interiors+sources team enjoyed sharing a lot of stories and information. We have even more exciting things planned for 2020 that we can’t wait to share with you. Subscribe to our content and check back on interiorsandsources.com to see what’s new.

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