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Sloan’s New Mobile Showroom Will Go on Nationwide Tour in 2020

Feb. 21, 2020

Sloan, manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, will bring its latest innovations and products to the architecture and design community with its new mobile showroom. Learn more.

Photo: A signature feature in the mobile showroom is Sloan’s Heritage of Innovation wall. “This highlights Sloan’s numerous industry-changing technological innovations, including the creation of the industry’s first Flushometer in 1906,” says Jeff Gilmore, Sloan’s director of strategic accounts; Credit: Sloan

Those interested in visiting a Sloan showroom in certain locations have the opportunity to check out the commercial restroom product manufacturer’s latest innovations and designs through a new experience: the Sloan Mobile Showroom.

Sloan created a custom-built 38-foot trailer that allows the company to engage at the local level with architects, designers, engineers and more. 

Jeff Gilmore, Sloan’s director of strategic accounts, says the layout can comfortably accommodate 15 people inside at any given time.

Photo: The 38-foot long trailer contains a virtual reality experience, functional displays of Sloan’s full lineup of commercial restroom products, a touchscreen monitor to access Sloan Center digital assets, material samples and more; Credit: Sloan

“One of the key benefits [of the mobile showroom] is the ability to display the products in an impactful way, so our target audience can get a better feel for what the products actually look like installed and experience the products in a controlled but working environment,” he says.

“This is increasingly more important as aesthetic design, water and energy efficiency, and wellness continue to evolve the needs and trends in the commercial restroom space.”

The mobile showroom features more than 60 of Sloan’s newest products on display, including:

  • Three working sink designs
  • Functioning toilets and urinals
  • New special finishes for faucets
  • Soap dispensers and flushometers
  • Sloan’s new virtual reality (VR) experience tool
Photo: Mobile showroom visitors can soap, rinse and dry their hands with the fully functioning sinks on display, including the AER-DEC Integrated Sink; Credit: Sloan 
Photo: Sloan’s custom virtual reality program places users in their choice of nine virtual commercial restroom environments where they can experience product and design solutions in real-time. Accents like wall and floor colors and materials can be customized; Credit: Sloan

Gilmores says the custom VR program places users in their choice of nine virtual commercial restroom environments where they can experience product and design solutions in real-time. Visitors can customize their restroom firsthand by selecting from a virtual catalog of over 150 Sloan products as well as materials and custom finishes.

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Experience Sloan’s Mobile Showroom

The Sloan Mobile Showroom is scheduled to make stops at architecture and design and engineering firms, special events and more.

Photo: Products on display include flushometers, faucets and soap dispensers in standard Polished Chrome and special finishes including Polished Brass, Brushed Stainless, Brushed Nickel and Graphite; Credit: Sloan

“We’ve had exciting customer visits so far in Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California – with many more states to come throughout 2020 and 2021,” says Gilmore.

Those interested in experiencing the showroom on wheels can schedule a visit on Sloan’s website.

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