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Corgan and The Hip Hop Architecture Camp Team Up in Dallas

July 9, 2024
Corgan partnered with The Hip Hop Architecture Camp to inspire underrepresented Dallas youth to design ideas for Southern Gateway Park.
Global architecture and design firm Corgan partnered with The Hip Hop Architecture Camp to inspire Dallas youth from underrepresented communities by introducing them to architecture, urban planning, and design, through the lens of Hip Hop culture. During the June 24- 28 camp, students made designs to potentially be integrated into a facility at Southern Gateway Park, a future deck park spanning I-35E near historic Oak Cliff.

Founded by renowned architect Michael Ford of BrandNu Design Studio in 2016, The Hip Hop Architecture Camp is a national program that brings students together with architects, urban planners, designers, community activists, and hip-hop artists. Collaborating, they create innovative designs for their local communities through various mediums like physical models, digital models, and a Hip Hop Architecture Camp track and music video. This immersive experience empowers students to explore placemaking and urban planning.

“With less than two percent of licensed architects in the United States being African American, we face a critical need to attract more practitioners of color,” said Michael Ford, founder of The Hip Hop Architecture Camp. “By leveraging cultural relevancy, we are catalyzing a movement to inspire the next generation. We firmly believe that real change begins with empowering our youth.”

Corgan's collaboration with The Hip Hop Architecture Camp highlights the firm's dedication to expanding talent pathways and sharing the architectural and design possibilities to the future workforce. Within Corgan's Belong initiative—student engagement, campus workshops, and mentorship programs—it is actively working to foster an inclusive environment that empowers aspiring designers.

Corgan's architects and designers are partake in numerous camp activities where they provide students with an introduction to Autodesk Tinkercad, help them on 3D model printing, offer a hands-on lesson about the implications of senses in design, and host a tour of the firm’s office.

"Our partnership with The Hip Hop Architecture Camp aligns with our mission to nurture curiosity about the limitless possibilities within the architecture and design sphere," said Halima McWilliams, Human Resources director and associate principal at Corgan. "We are honored to bring this innovative, forward-thinking program to students here in Dallas."

A Local Challenge, Designed to Create an Impact

During the camp, students presented their ideas for the use and interior design of a building planned for Southern Gateway Park. Known as “a park with a purpose,” the five-acre bridge park will reconnect historic Oak Cliff and spark environmental, economic, and community revitalization in South Dallas. This underserved area is home to 45% of Dallas’ population but represents a mere 10-15% of the city’s property tax revenue.

“I am so excited to be a part of this amazing program and have the opportunity to hear park design ideas from Dallas’s brightest young minds,” said April Allen, president and CEO, Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation. “We hope that Southern Gateway Park will be a gathering point for a myriad of educational programs once open, so it’s great to be starting those partnerships now.”

The Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation is responsible for the park's design, construction, and operations. The foundation aims to drive change in South Dallas communities by developing greenspace and serving as a catalyst for infrastructure reinvestment.

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