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Kirei's five new PET colors

These 5 New PET Color Releases from Kirei Radiate Positivity

March 1, 2024
Check out the impacts Butter, Cayenne, Dusk, Mint and Nutmeg can have on your work's occupants.

Get inspired and challenge the norm of acoustic design with Kirei’s five new PET colors – Butter, Dusk, Mink, Cayenne and Nutmeg. Ranging from lush and earthy to light and tranquil, these hues invite the embrace of authenticity, encourage evolution and shape ways to a healthy, radiant future. The five newest PET colors expand and enhance Kirei’s variety of color options to offer architects and designers a rainbow of opportunities. 
Each colorway is available in all 12mm PET panels and products like baffles, clouds, tiles and screens, Mura Wallcovering and the Embossed Panel Series, providing a diverse array of choices for any space.
Acknowledging the impact color has on occupants’ emotions, behaviors and wellness, research indicates that color choices shape people’s perception of space, influence mood and can support productivity. 


Butter is a blend of rich and creamy with an airy yellow hue to set a serene smoothness and joyous mood. Kirei cites studies showing how yellow hues evoke feelings of happiness, positivity and warmth. Butter brings brightness to a room while also offering a subtle energy to improve the mood and improve sound quality.


Cayenne’s robust red was inspired by life’s passionate moments and brings fiery depth and vivid warmth. Studies show red stimulates energy levels and is a powerful choice for areas that require urgency, verve and creativity. Reds have been shown to increase appetite from enhanced metabolism,  making it a good color choice for restaurants.


Sophisticated pink hues capture the moments in between, making Dusk a color for reflection and elevated awareness. Research indicates that pink is associated with tranquility and reduced stress levels. It creates spaces that support mindfulness and calmness, applicable for health spas or hotel rooms.


The soft, soothing green of Mint recalls a cool sweetness that evokes peace and tranquility. Research links green to stress reduction and enhanced concentration and well-being. Mint provides peace and superior acoustic performance for quiet atmospheres like yoga studios, health spas and libraries.


Add savory comfort and sincerity to an atmosphere with Nutmeg’s earthy brown. Kirei cites how brown tones are a reliable neutral pigment to apply across entire walls or rooms to ground a space with a sense of stability. Nutmeg is a good color choice for spaces that foster collaboration and comfort like gathering spaces in the office.

Kirei’s five new PET colors can serve as standalone choices or can be combined with an array of hues to set the mood of the environment. Visit for palette ideas from their color specialists. 

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