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Lives Post+Beam from Okamura.

i+s Looks Back at the Biggest Trends of NeoCon 2023

Aug. 9, 2023
Following one of the biggest events of the commercial design industry, we've identified a few of the biggest trends we saw on the show floor this year.

The big show is over…for now, although some of you might already be in planning mode for next year! Hats off if you are. It’s what makes NeoCon one of the most influential fairs on our calendars.

We wanted to take a look back to identify a few of the biggest trends we saw at the show that will bring us into the new year, and acknowledge the winners of our favorite product intro polls we conducted on our Instagram page each day of the show.

And make sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of this article with your favorite NeoCon product introduction that you found at the show!


Interior Structures:

IYKYK: The most overarching theme this year was modularity—furniture and beyond that the user can manipulate themselves for whatever the need might be in the moment. One of the best examples of this that we saw was from Okamura with Lives Post+Beam. Chock full of design options from whiteboards to planters and more, the base holds moveable panels that slide easily through the posts of the base, featuring a “turning bay” that even allows them to flip from front to back.

Art Deco:

This one is timeless, so we’re not surprised it’s made its way back around. From upholstery to the floor, like this upcoming line from FLOR by Interface (Sidecar pictured in Flint/Gold), the bold shapes and curves of this genre were being used in more magnified, focused patterns, offering up more of nostalgic snapshot than a bigger presentation. And we were on board for it.

Soft Curves:

No drastic lines or edging to see here, the show was dominated by soft curves and exaggerated cushioning when it came to most seating/furniture options. We loved those on the Daymora lounge from Kimball International, designed by Claudio Bellini. The line includes both freestanding and modular seating options. This one is definitely reminiscent of the residential aesthetic trend that is still very present industry wide.


Day 1:

J&J Flooring: The Digital Collection

Digital is a new Kinetex line offering of this textile composite flooring option. Eighteen colorways are available in this small to medium scale pattern for 24 in. x 24 in. tiles.

Day 2:

Arcadia: Lineup

Lineup is another great example of the interior structure trend and offers tons of configurations from semi-private booths to more open loungey groupings. Seating is modular and offered in multiple heights.

Day 3:

Davis Furniture: The Seba Chair

The mobile Seba, designed by Sebastian Herkner for Davis is casual yet modern—highly adaptable for any setting. It’s no wonder you voted him in! The full line includes both a standard chair and lounge.

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