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Dometic's DeliBox

When in Rome (or Milan)

April 19, 2023
Satellite exhibition Tortona Design Week turns the word (design) on its head with all new visions for the industry, including a revolutionary way of getting your brain food, aka PIZZA, delivered.

On Friday, join Swedish design innovators CAKE x Dometic to experience their DeliBox, the future of food delivery, during Salone satellite exhibitions Tortona Design Week. "Delivered HOT" will bring takeaway to another level with pizza served hot and fresh along with Italian craft beer and gin-tonic from Baladin Brewery at the CAKE Milan showroom at Via Tortona, 19, 20144 Milano.

Swedish innovators Dometic and CAKE are embarking on their first joint contract with Pizza Smile (a groundbreaking pizzeria in Italy) to elevate customer experience and quality of food. Dometic's DeliBox will be paired with CAKE's e-bike for premium home delivery service and Pizza Smile will be the first restaurant to deploy this combo. The brand was the first pizzeria in Adria in the Rovigo province to provide free home delivery service, starting in 2006. Led by enterprenour and CEO Gabrio Tessarin, Pizza Smile's pioneering approach, artisanal recipes, and digital operations have propelled the restaurant's significant growth in the region and beyond, carrying out approximately 70,000 home deliveries each year.

"Our desire to take pizza delivery to a higher level remains a top business priority. With a mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability, CAKE and Dometic are ideal partners to help shape the next evolution of this critical business segment," Tessarin said.

Pizza Smile will replace its current electric bike fleet with CAKE bikes equipped with the Dometic DeliBox for an even more efficient, emission-free fleet at a reduced cost. Dometic's DeliBox will help sustain the temperature and quality of the food during the entire delivery journey from the restaurant's kitchen to the customer's door, providing a valuable new solution for the market. The Dometic DeliBox provides temperature zones for active heating and active cooling to ensure food and other perishables are kept at optimal temperatures throughout the delivery route. Its innovative design and engineering offer a valuable differentiator for restaurants as well as retail, hospitality, and other industries responsible for transporting food to guests. The designers of it, Dometic, are leaders in the mobile living industry. Millions use Dometic products in outdoor, residential and professional applications to create smart, sustainable and reliable products with outstanding design for an outdoor and mobile lifestyle in the areas of food & beverage, climate, power & control and other applications.

"We're confident that DeliBox powered by CAKE bikes will have a tangible impact on Pizza Smile's delivery business, helping to secure new customers through seamless delivery and retain current patrons through unparalleled quality control," said Eva Karlsson, head of other global verticals at Dometic.

All parties have signed a new leasing contract starting with small scale premium delivery with an aim of expanding the service area and consumers in the coming months.

If you feast your eyes on DeliBox, tag us in your pictures @iandsdesign (on IG) #pizza #tortonadesignweek #milandesignweek. 

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