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New Healthcare Furniture Tracking Program Extends Life of Products

Nov. 7, 2022
‘IOA for Life’ QR code tool ends ‘furniture purgatory,’ helping extend the lifespan of hospital furniture investments with on-demand replacement and repair details.

When designers specify products for healthcare environments, they expect them to perform. Over time, however, even the best-made furniture needs maintenance–but all too often, products are taken out of use when simple repairs or refurbishment could extend their useful life.

To address this issue, healthcare furniture company IOA recently announced a new product technology that improves the service life of medical furniture investments. Leveraging new technology and data science, IOA for Life assigns a unique QR code on every product IOA manufactures–embedded with information that helps furniture stay in use and out of the repair closet.

All IOA recliners, gliders and sleepers ordered will feature this technology starting November 1, 2022. IOA for Life sets a new standard for industry sustainability and customer satisfaction by closing the gap between needed repairs and often missing product information. The new program is a resource-rich capability that sets IOA apart from competitors, with simple functionality for the end-user. Its product QR codes, easily accessible through any smartphone or tablet, can be scanned by the repair person, who will then have access to all relevant product information. This includes the date of manufacture, detailed parts lists and diagrams, owner’s manuals, instructional videos and options to order replacement parts or contact the appropriate customer service representative.

Addressing Pain Points in Healthcare

“We created IOA for Life to absolve a longstanding pain point in healthcare facilities,” says Fabio Delmestri, IOA’s CEO. “Too often, a high-value product is relegated to the repair closet from minor wear-and-tear. It might stay there for an extended period, or perhaps it remains there indefinitely–and usually, a lack of available basic information about how to service the product is the culprit for keeping it out of use. IOA for Life stops this cycle, putting everything needed to repair our products and get them back in service at the repair engineer’s fingertips.”

IOA’s commitment to the healthcare furniture industry supports an overall goal of helping customers stay in compliance, decrease waste, increase sustainability, and save money over the lifetime of IOA’s products.

“In any healthcare facility, it’s not uncommon for an expensive recliner, for example, to be permanently mothballed in a storage closet when all it might need is a new arm cap,” said Matthew Delmestri, IOA’s Executive Vice President. “That’s what’s so exciting about IOA for Life: Our facility partners can rest assured that a repair solution is always simple to access, and the IOA products they invest in will stand the test of time.”

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