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Brintons Creates Nature-Inspired Carpet for CAESARS FORUM’s Biophilic Interior

Jan. 8, 2021

Visitors to this new Las Vegas convention center can connect to nature through a variety of interior elements, including Brintons’s large, custom installation of Axminster carpet.

At the newly opened CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas, visitors can expect to find calm, comforting vibes—in contrast to the busy city outside–as the result of a bold, beautiful and biophilic interior. The 550,000-square-foot convention center, designed by KGA Architecture, effectively connects people with each other while also keeping them connected to nature, through its dynamic lighting and live plants, all the way down its custom Axminster carpet installation.

The KGA team partnered with Brintons Americas to create a soothing ambiance through a one-of-a-kind carpet palette for CAESARS FORUM that ties into its “Plug into Life” biophilic-inspired concept, which drove the project. Experienced in large project installations, the Brintons team provided wool-rich Axminster carpet that carries the biophilic narrative through all of CAESARS FORUM’s public areas, ballrooms and meeting spaces.

CAESARS FORUM opened its doors on the Las Vegas Strip in October 2020 and is already being recognized for its striking design. The convention center features the two largest pillarless ballrooms in the world at over 10,000 square feet each and is LEED Silver certified.

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Each of the venue’s four ballrooms are abstractly themed after one of the Earth’s four seasons. CAESARS FORUM’s interior aims to “counterbalance convention-goers’ ‘plugged in’ reality by providing a calm, centered, human feeling through the literal and abstracted use of natural elements,” according to KGA’s online project portfolio. Through carpet, this involved weaving elements from the seasons into both of the pillarless ballrooms, coined “Midnight Moon” and “Sunkissed.”

“In Midnight Moon, we have abstract patterns incorporating foliage reminiscent of the summer and winter seasons,” said Leah Jack, Brintons Americas vice president of design. “It is like looking out over water as shadows are cast from nearby tress and branches. Sunkissed is also abstracted, but more floral with petals and tree bark reminding us of spring and autumn.”

The carpet also carries into the venue’s boardrooms, where it features graffiti-esque words like “empower” and “collaborate” that aim to bring people together. Overall, Brintons used 11 distinct designs, a palette of nearly 50 colors and just under 500,000 square feet of its Axminster carpet (enough to cover eight and a half football fields) for the convention center.

Beyond carpet, convention goers can expect to find other nature-inspired design elements, including abundant natural light, custom lighting features and live plants in the prefunction halls and boardrooms. Touches inspired by ancient Roman gathering places are layered onto the biophilic elements, further humanizing the user by connecting to an age before digital communication.

“This connection to nature is especially crucial in larger cities or places like Las Vegas,” noted Jack of CAESARS FORUM’s design concept. As she noted, it helps to create a soothing and relaxing space–something we all could always use a little more of.

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