Just What the "Doc" Ordered

March 1, 2003
Just What the "Doc" Ordered
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Four firms take home Doc Awards for exceptional contract design.
Four design firms throughout the United States were honored in the 2002 Doc Awards for contract interior design. Now in its 14th year, the Doc competition recognizes outstanding achievement in commercial projects that integrate color, space, form, function and materials, including carpet with Solutia Ultron® nylon 6,6 fiber. This year's winners included three for corporate installations and one for retail.Also announced were the 2002 winners of the Doc Award for Product Design, awarded to carpet mills for outstanding achievement in carpet design. Products made with Solutia's Ultron® nylon 6,6 fibers were independently judged based on originality of design, overall aesthetic, pricing and usability in the contract environment (see box to right). 2002 PRODUCT DESIGN DOC AWARD WINNERSThe following carpet mills were honored with Doc Awards for Product Design for utilizing Solutia's Ultron® nylon 6,6 in their carpet designs:
  • Bentley Prince Street
  • , City of Industry, CA, for the Charles River Collection
  • Shaw Contract
  • , Cartersville, GA, for It's Only Natural
  • Fortune Contract, Inc.
  • , Dalton, GA, for Ombre and Tracery
  • Durkan Commercial
  • , a division of Mohawk Industries, Kennesaw, GA, for Shiki Shiki
  • Constantine Commercial,
  • Dalton, GA, for Axiom
  • Interface Flooring Systems,
  • La Grange, GA, for the Florentine Collection This year's project winners included:
    > Steven Clem and the project team at TVS Interiors, Inc., Atlanta, GA
    garnered a Doc Award for their structurally innovative design of new offices for Uzun & Case Engineers in Atlanta. The project team, which included Clem, Cresta Martin and Lucy Aiken-Johnson, drew on the unique architecture/interior design synergy created by past collaborations between TVS Interiors and Uzun & Case to integrate structural principles into the space that give a sense of the firm's business, with a clean yet artistic aesthetic. The collaboration for this project resulted in unique structural approaches, exposing the building's ceiling and column structure and highlighting such structural concepts as tension and compression.Challenged by the client's objective to unite its partners and teams, thus making employees more accessible, the designers highlighted structural concepts in the office area by using acrylic panels in compression at semi-enclosed associates' offices. Open office environments were placed on the perimeter, maximizing natural light penetration. Partners' private offices anchor opposite corners of the floor. Modular wood office furniture was custom-sized for a larger work station that accommodates drawing sets and team collaboration."It was important to the client to have clean, warm color in the new space, used sparingly to have maximum impact," said project team member Martin. "The Bentley Prince Street carpet chosen for the project provided both a textural backdrop for the architectural feel of the space, but with the impact of a warm and inviting red."> Lauren Rottet, and the project team at DMJM Rottet, Los Angeles, CA received a Doc Award for their design of the new Vanco Energy Headquarters facility in Houston, TX. The contemporary space is a strong contrast to the traditional design prevalent in the client's competitive offshore oil exploration market. In her discussion of the project, Rottet said, "We found that the discovery of oil was very much about the visual and graphic exploration of gathered data and the process of uncovering layers.Architecturally, this led to the idea of an office environment whose final images mirror this process of exploration."Reflecting the process of drilling into the earth's strata, the designers "carved out" areas in the white core of the space to reveal natural material or color. Folding ceiling planes symbolize the separation of tectonic plates in the earth's strata. Light in the space is dispersed through "fissures" in the ceiling."High contrast in color and texture was a key design element used to further emphasize the exploration process," Rottet added. "Constantine's Axiom was installed with black/gray custom color for delineating the central core areas, with Landscape specified in a light gray signifying the perimeter. The two combined represent Vanco's oil exploration in deep ocean water."
    > Reza Moshiri, and the project team at Wirt Design Group, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
    captured a Doc Award for their innovative design at homestore's corporate headquarters in Westlake Village, CA, a leading Internet destination for real estate-related information. Wirt was challenged by the client to create an environment where the seemingly opposing disciplines of traditional real estate and the no-boundaries ideology of the Internet would come together in a new space that reflected the unique culture of the organization.The radical application of unusual materials such as free-form spandex sails to create walls is just one example of the innovative ways in which the design team created a stimulating environment. Pattern and texture were used to enhance movement through the space that Moshiri describes as "a dance between the walls and the floor." "While driven by function and flexibility, the choice of Shaw Contract carpet provided us with the opportunity to translate color and pattern from the wall to the floor . . . and back again," Moshiri added.Bright, energetic color was used to reflect the creative nature of the client. New furniture standards were introduced as a way of bridging the divergent cultures. An exposed sky bridge in the two-story reception lobby, as well as the organization of core areas into communicative centerpieces and anchors for large open plan workplaces, are architectural features that symbolized and enhanced the bridging of cultures.> In the retail category, the extraordinary San Francisco, CA, showroom for Shaw Contract earned Collin Burry & Gary Nichols, San Francisco, their Doc Award. Charged by the client to create a space that would foster an intimate work environment for the A&D community, their design provides a showroom with ample display and layout areas. "We achieved our goal by providing the client a space with the feel of a carpet boutique that's conducive to the work of the designers who use the showroom," Burry stated.Taking cues from the carpet, the gentle curving forms of an open carpet roll provided conceptual inspiration for the design. The ceiling, walls and shelving sweep in long curvilinear waves throughout the showroom. The carpet also follows this theme with five base colors cut into a pattern gently undulating from end to end of the showroom. An 11-foot diameter table acts as a blank canvas for designers to create their color palettes from the poms and samples stored in the area.Challenged with creating a semi-neutral background that would showcase the benefits and design of the carpet, Burry and Nichols chose a Zen white base complemented by soothing shades of tan, blue and brown. Acidic red, yellow and orange provide an energetic jolt to the otherwise calming base palette.
    About the Doc Awards
    The Doc Awards are named to honor a true pioneer and an inspirational leader in the contract interior design industry: Robert F. Docherty, also known as "Doc." Much of Doc's 30-year career at Solutia was focused on the contract market. He was among the first in the industry to recognize the important role of the interior designer, establishing relationships with professional associations such as ASID and IIDA.

    He pioneered the use of carpet in both education and healthcare segments. Doc funded the research that resulted in the first use of carpet in patient care areas and was instrumental in founding the specifiers continuing education program conducted at Solutia's manufacturing facilities.

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