Hospitality Design is High-Tech

Aug. 10, 2004
Recently, the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev., re-invited the design firm of to work with Adam Tihany on a new bar to be called Teatro (opened July 2004). The architectural statement was a stunning hybrid of a spaceship outer shape opening into the leather aesthetics of a Ferrari. The challenge for was to create a feature out of the bottle display in a bar.“We decided to evoke the ultimate temptation of spirits and fine wines by treating each bottle in a surprising and unique fashion. We proposed a ‘message in a bottle mystery’ by placing dreamlike moving imagery within 120 glass bottles inserted into a laser cut metal wall. To provide contextual content we added seamless projection of sensuous forms on the red metal wall surface by using seven video projectors.“The wall, in constant motion, not only serves as a good conversation piece but it participates to the overall lighting of the red leather and chrome of the room.”Teatro’s lighting was designed by Paul Gregory of Focus and makes extensive use of LED technology. The circular room has LED tabletops and LED signage that creates continuous movement in its periphery. As content for these LED scrollers, proposed sequences of open short messages about desire and intriguing meeting circumstances.Internationally acclaimed designer Tihany created a lavish setting that stimulates the senses. Teatro, which translates to “theatre” in Italian, provides guests with the intimate experience of having cocktails handcrafted tableside. A bevy of seductive servers prepares each element of the cocktail – from mixing the finest ingredients to hand-cutting the freshest garnishes – in perfectly staged sight of the guests.Tihany acted as Teatro’s design consultant for architects LEO A DALY Associates. As seen through the theatrical eyes of Tihany, a world of high-tech wonder and elegance is revealed behind a ‘curtain’ of steely shutters. High energy is ensconced in Teatro’s ultra plush interior where Ferrari-red leather with accents of polished stainless steel and walnut burl wood create a scene reminiscent of a fine luxury automobile.Teatro is the backdrop for cocktail drama with a set designed to pay homage to the craft of the cocktail. The bar’s standout feature is the backlit projection wall of glass bottles with monitors behind each displaying a variety of sensuous images from flames to female silhouettes.Ré approaches projects from the central concern of the guest experience. “For exhibitions, theatrical projects and architectural ventures, we seek to create meaningful entertainment by collaborating with people who enjoy their job and are great at it. Our team is an international network of consultants serving as creative thinkers, illustrators, composers, editors, entertainers, scenic technology and automation specialists, and image and sound designers.“Our scenographic philosophy asks ‘How can our contribution touch the audience? What’s in it for them?’ From that starting point we look for novel ways to translate a strong idea through the numerous tools of the scenographic pallet such as: live action/music, imagery, soundscape, sets, costuming and special effects. Our credo is trying out ideas not yet seen before so we are vigilant not to put energy on re-doing things that others have already successfully done.”Ré is involved in several other projects for the Hotel Casino market, two of which have also just opened at the MGM: a Japanese Restaurant called Shibuya designed by Yabu Pushelberg, and Diego, a Mexican restaurant with a unique Tequila bar designed by Vincente Wolf.For additional information, contact Ré at (514) 842-3057.

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