Wide Plank Floors are Hot Design Trend

Sept. 8, 2006
St. Louis (September, 2006) /PRNewswire/—Whoever said bigger is better must have been talking about wood floors. Today's wood floors come in a variety of styles, including traditional strip and parquet, but one of the most popular trends right now is wide plank floors.

Wide plank floors are defined as wood floors that are at least three inches wide, but can measure up to a foot wide. Wide plank floors can come in a variety of species, and because of their increased width, they require special care during the installation process.

Because wide plank floors respond more readily to moisture fluctuations, they are more prone to cup when excessive moisture is present in the subfloor. A professional wood flooring installer can test for moisture content before, during and after the job to ensure a successful installation. The general rule of thumb is that the wider the plank, the more expertise will be required to successfully install the floor. In other words, wide plank wood flooring installations are not for the first-time do-it-yourself weekend warrior wood flooring installer.

Wide plank floors lend themselves to a variety of decorating styles, from elegant and formal living rooms and dining rooms, to comfortable and casual family rooms and eat-in kitchens. They can be polished and perfect, or weather-worn and antiqued, depending on your own personal decorating preferences and lifestyle.

You can view a variety of options available with real wood floors, including wide plank, on the National Wood Flooring Association's Web site at www.woodfloors.org. Simply select "Beautiful Floors" under the "All About Wood Floors" menu option. And if you're thinking about installing wide plank wood floors, you can find an experienced wood flooring installer on your area by selecting the "Find a Professional or Product" feature on the same Web site. You can search by city, state, zip code, area code or company name.

The National Wood Flooring Association is a not-for-profit trade organization of more than 3,900 wood flooring professionals working worldwide to educate consumers, architects, designers, and builders in the uses and benefits of wood flooring. The NWFA can be contacted at

111 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd., Chesterfield, MO63005, or at (800) 422-4556 (USA), (800) 848-8824 (Canada), or (636) 519-9663 (international).

For more information, contact Anita Howard, communications director of National Wood Flooring Association, at (636) 519-9663 or [email protected].

Source: National Wood Flooring Association (www.woodfloors.org).

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