IIDA Industry Roundtable Focuses on the Manufacturer/Designer Relationship

Oct. 16, 2006

Chicago, IL (September, 2006) - The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) recently convened for its annual Industry Roundtable, composed of interior design experts and manufacturing leaders, for a facilitated forum to discuss issues facing those working in the profession of interior design.

This event, in its 10th year, offered a valuable opportunity for thought leaders to dialogue on the current behavior and manner in which manufacturers and designers practice. Participants engaged in time-sensitive topics such as: building relationships between design partners, the specification chain, generational differences, and collaborative opportunities. Facilitating the synergy between the interior design and manufacturing communities is considered an essential role of IIDA in enhancing the future of design.

Thanks to participants: Julie Jundrich (Allsteel); Bonnie Mornsen Brill (Architex); Cathy Mansour, (Beaulieu Commercial); Russ Mitchell (Kimball Office); Bety Callahan (Luna Textiles); Steve Cocozza (Masland Carpets); Kaye Gosline (Milliken Carpet); John Stephens (Shaw Contract); Gale Moutrey (Steelcase); Jim Walker, IIDA, corporate forum advisor; Giselle Young, IIDA, education/research forum advisor; Elise Shapiro, IIDA, facility planning and design forum advisor; Deborah Loveridge, IIDA, government forum advisor; Linda Gabel, IIDA, healthcare forum advisor; Larry Wilson, IIDA, hospitality forum advisor; Barbara Grubb, IIDA, retail forum advisor. Those representing IIDA's international board included: Anna Hernandez, industry IIDA, vice president of industry relations and Kim Mikula, IIDA, vice president of forums; and from IIDA headquarters Suzanne Heath, IIDA senior director of education and Dennis Krause, IIDA senior vice president. Roundtable facilitation was provided by Brian Graham, IIDA, IDSA, Graham Design, LLC.

"It is essential to the Association's role as industry advocate that our leaders have an opportunity to dialogue on issues facing the profession by all partners in the process.  IIDA's Industry Roundtable is a unique opportunity for designers, manufacturers and IIDA leadership to share their thoughts in a controlled environment," says Kim Mikula, vice president of forums, IIDA.

"This roundtable offers both designers and manufacturers alike a chance to exchange ideas on how best to build, sustain and enhance professional relationships within the design community," says Brian Graham, the roundtable's facilitator. "When you bring people with a passion for their profession together, the discussion flows and ideas abound."

The Industry Roundtable aims to strengthen the manufacturer/practitioner relationship by offering strategic perspectives on issues facing the industry. For more information about IIDA or participating in a future thought leadership session, contact IIDA headquarters at (888) 799-4432.

IIDA works to enhance quality of life through excellence in interior design and to advance interior design through knowledge, value and community. 

IIDA is a professional networking and educational association of 12,000 members in nine specialty forums in 30 Chapters around the world. Additional information is available on IIDA's Web site: www.iida.org.

For additional inquiries, contact Jocelyn Pysarchuk, senior director, communications & marketing: (312) 467-1950 or [email protected].

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