Award Winning Designer Launches New Marketing & Design Company

Nov. 13, 2006

/PRNewswire/ – Award winning designer Erik Ulfers recently announced the launch of an innovative creative venture specializing in experiential design: Clickspring Design Inc.

Approaching every design project with a unique perspective and a common process, and with a commitment to creativity as its defining differentiation, Clickspring Design is bringing together an outstanding team of designers, architects, strategists, project managers, graphic and media specialists under the leadership of Ulfers. Clickspring Design’s main objective is to help clients spark an emotional relationship between a consumer and a brand by shaping the environments where they meet.

Why the name Clickspring? According to Ulfers: “A clickspring is the part of a clock that activates the alarm or chime. We want to rigorously analyze our client’s project objectives and innovatively insure that target audiences not only wake up and take notice, but more importantly extend their time with the brand.”

Experiential design continues to emerge and is leading the way into the new marketing paradigm. Clickspring Design will focus on programs that create a continuum across marketing touch points, leveraging design to dimensionalize and differentiate the client message. When activated experiential programs and the physical environments that they inhabit combine, they produce a powerful marketing tool; an extended and measurable experience where you live the message.

“There is a major difference between an event and an experience,” explains Ulfers. “In today’s marketing reality, it is imperative to engage consumers quickly and help them create an emotional bond with a brand. More than interacting with a brand, consumers want to experience a brand. And Clickspring Design’s primary concern is to help brands’ make an unforgettable impression on consumers.”

“Erik Ulfers is one of this industry’s most forward-thinking multidisciplinary designers,” said Dan Hanover, Event Design’s editor and publisher. “He sees the walls between design disciplines crumbling and is uniting them all into the emerging practice of experience design.”

Lauded in the events and experiential marketing industry for his strategic creative vision, Erik Ulfers, served as chief creative officer for Publicis Events USA, before deciding to create Clickspring Design. He is widely known in the industry as one of the leading creative talents at Interpublic Group’s (IPG) Jack Morton Worldwide, where he served as senior vice president and managing director of Environmental Design for six years. While at Jack Morton, Ulfers won numerous industry awards and accolades, including many of his six Emmy Awards. Prior to Jack Morton, he co-founded the internationally recognized Production Design Group (PDG), which was subsequently acquired by IPG. Always at the vanguard of design, narrative story-telling and live audience experiences, Ulfers’ early career centered on groundbreaking theatrical set design for—among others—The New Zealand Royal Ballet, France’s Avignon Festival for ballet, Malmo State Theater in Sweden, and Sveriges Scenskola, which earned him widespread recognition and Prague’s prestigious Biennial Award for scenography.

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