Hakatai’s Combined Custom Blending Tools

Dec. 5, 2006

Hakatai Enterprises Inc., importers and distributors of mosaic glass tile, recently added a new feature to its innovative and customer friendly Web site: the “Combined Custom Blending Tool,” which allows users to create unprecedented tile blends and gradients from Hakatai’s wide variety of luminous color options that will capture the true essence of any space.

Hakatai’s new tools have expanded the creative control of architects, designers and homeowners, not only offering the ability to combine tiles and gradients from the same series, but mix tile palettes from every series with the same dimensions. 

Customers can now blend the Cartglass Classic, Luster and Aventurine series. Combining the top-selling glass mosaic tiles of the Cartglass Classic series, with the unique opalescent glass tile of the Luster series and the rich, earthy colors of the Aventurine series can revitalize any space and exude modern vibrancy. Utilize the shade variances and subtle sheen of the Ashland series by blending the Solid Color series with the Iridescent series to create dynamic blends and textured highlights. Also, choose from one of the sample gradients, or create your own combined custom gradient. Experiment with more than 70 glass tile colors using the custom gradient tool and create a designer gradient with height options from 2 feet to 200 feet, and unlimited width.

By selecting the colors from a series, and specifying the percentages of each color that is being incorporated into the project, you can create your own, unique tile blend. Increasing and decreasing the percentages of each color controls the intermittence of that color in the final tile blend. Remixing reveals a new sporadic occurrence of the colors selected, and redistributes the color combinations of the blend. Finally, architects, designer and homeowners can select a grout color that is complementary to the colors chosen, and order the amount of custom blended tiles, right from www.hakatai.com.

For more information, contact Hakatai Enterprises: (541) 552-0855, (541) 552-0861 (fax), or e-mail: [email protected]. Also, check out the Hakatai Enterprises Inc. Web site at www.hakatai.com.

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