The Road to Christmas is Paved With Green Intentions

Dec. 12, 2006

Windsor, England (December, 2006) /PRNewswire/ - In the first of a series of snapshot studies, "Leapfrog Points of View" reveals the results of a national survey to find out whether green intentions fall by the wayside at Christmas.

British consumers are well motivated to help the environment during the rest of the year but may not sustain this through Christmas. Leapfrog director Chrissie Wells comments, "This study shows that people know what they should do, but (that they) do not always act upon it."

Respondents showed themselves to be well aware of what they should do for the environment at Christmas; however, there seems little intention to avoid some areas of wastage. Only 15 percent plan to use natural decorations or buy eco-friendly gifts. Even fewer will make decorations or wrappings.

Respondents may abandon their green intentions for several reasons:

·           An estimated 55 percent believe that eco-friendly giving is expensive

·           More than 30 percent think eco-friendly gifts are not as nice and 37 percent say   

               that they are harder to find

·           More than half claim that it is tough to find gifts that aren't over-packaged

·           More than half state that recycled boxes are not large enough

·           More than 40 percent think that Councils do not make it easy to dispose of trees

Does the British consumer want a greener Christmas?

* More than 70 percent say that they try to minimize food waste normally—yet almost 75    

percent consider it important or essential to have more on hand at Christmas than needed

* More than 65 percent say that they keep an eye on heating bills—but 98 percent admit that keeping really warm at Christmas is important

Respondents may normally be careful about energy consumption but 62 percent admit that their Christmas lights are important.

About Leapfrog Research and Planning

Leapfrog Research and Planning is an international consumer research and planning consultancy. "Leapfrog Points of View" is a regular commentary on topical issues. It has been operating since 1994 and was acquired in 2005 by Cello Group plc (

The 506 consumers from across the UK that responded online broadly represented the population by age, region and household income with a bias toward females over males.

Source: Leapfrog Research and Planning (

More detailed research findings are available from Claire Cranton: [email protected].

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