High-End Plaster Art Redefining Ceiling & Wall Design and Restoration

Feb. 19, 2007

Alta Loma, CA – It is somewhat of a lost art form that is finding new favor in more and more wall and ceiling interior design projects nationally. “Plaster Relief” is a centuries-old art form found primarily in Europe, which combines sculpture, design and painting into both classic and contemporary surfaces for the home or commercial environment.

“The process is much the same as that used by plaster craftsmen centuries ago, developed and finessed over my 30-year career in plastering, to meet the demands of contemporary designers and architects,” says Steve Selos, a Plaster Relief artist.

Selos is a craftsman whose versatile art can be applied to solid smooth surfaces. His canvasses are numerous: ceilings, walls, fireplaces, etc. Selos’ work can be found in the high-end residential market and on commercial properties. He has also worked on commissions for churches, restaurants—in foyers and boardrooms—and his client list boasts such distinguished American families as the Fords and the Mayos.

The veteran artist has moved beyond the traditional applications associated with plaster artistry and developed unique techniques that have brought his work to the forefront of interior design. Selos is now making strides not only toward re-introducing these rich, decorative techniques, but also in advancing the very scope of the medium.

He feels that the popularity of his work is attributed to its versatility and originality. Selos uses the interplay of textures to control the style—be it traditional, contemporary, freeform or anywhere in between—adding natural or unnatural light to increase the effect. He can incorporate long, sweeping arches or strong, straight lines to achieve the impact or emotion he wants to evoke. 
In his repertoire of plaster finishes Selos includes ancient techniques that are very much in vogue today. Venetian plasters or polished plastering is a process where surfaces can be transformed to appear rugged and antiqued or into smooth, marble-like, contemporary finishes. Another application that brings out Selos’ creative skills is bas-relief (three-dimensional, sculpted pieces).
As Selos says, “My clients know that they are working with an artist who is able to enhance their project by an instinct that brings artistic value and vision to their space.” Showing true pride in his plastering skills, each project that Selos completes is signed dated and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Plastering skills like Selos’ have evolved into a respected art from sought after by those looking for meticulous details and unique designs.

For more information on Plaster Relief art design and Steve Selos’ work, go to www.selosart.com.

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