Sustainability Experts Offer New Resource for Green Living

May 7, 2007

Phoenix /PRNewswire/ – If the Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth, and terms like "organic movement," and "going green," have your head spinning and left you wondering ... what can I do?! No worries—it's as simple as visiting Smart Spaces: Inside and Out's new Web site ( They make it easy and fun to go green through an interactive Web site filled with great information, ideas and products, lending their expertise to your quest!

Smart Spaces co-creators Greg Peterson and Amy Godfrey have studied, lived, and taught sustainability solutions collectively for more than 40 years. Now, you can access their expertise through Smart Spaces' easy-to-navigate Web portal designed for busy lifestyles.

"If you can't read our Innovative Idea in 30 seconds and integrate it in your life with barely a second thought, we aren't doing our job!" says Peterson. "Our mission is to educate and inspire visitors to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by offering expertise and information that can be easily incorporated in our busy lifestyles." This fresh, new site offers informative mainstream articles, blogs, tips for sustainable living and even "green" products.

Topics include energy, water, home improvements, edible landscaping, non-toxic cleaning supplies and re-useable building materials to name a few. "We also have places for you to share your knowledge and insights," explains Amy Godfrey. "Our new Web site is just the place to become an educated consumer in all things 'green.'"

Greg Peterson earned a Master's degree in Environmental Planning, grounded in sustainability studies. He is the creator of The Urban Farm, an environmental showcase home and education center in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, (, where he has studied sustainable living for more than 20 years. Peterson is a writer, teacher, and lecturer on issues of sustainability, a contributing writer for Phoenix Magazine and Edible Phoenix, and co-creator of the television show Smart Spaces.

Amy Godfrey earned a Master's degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Fordham University. During graduate school, she studied alternative medicine, gained certification in Reflexology and went on to become an LMT. As the co-creator of Smart Spaces, a busy, professional mom, she brings a strong commitment to educating people about green living.

Source: Smart Spaces: Inside and Out (
For more information, contact Greg Peterson at (602) 279-3713 or [email protected].

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