Durkan Makes Carpet Installation a Breeze with New Distribution Programs

May 25, 2007

Las Vegas – In today's fast-paced world of hospitality, facilities need easy, effective and convenient design solutions. Answering this call for superior floor coverings and excellent customer service, Durkan Hospitality introduces Merit QuickShip and CYP Access (computer yarn placement), complementing its existing print QuickShip program. Extraordinarily comprehensive, these programs provide instant access to hundreds of ready-to-order carpet patterns—significantly reducing lead times and saving customers valuable time in the hospitality design process.

"At Durkan Hospitality, we're committed to providing our customers not only with the most innovative designs and best products available, but also to delivering these carpet offerings in the easiest way possible," says Lee Blair, senior vice president, Durkan Hospitality. "With Merit QuickShip and CYP Access, we're able to offer an abundance of quality options while reducing delivery time."

In rolling out Merit QuickShip and CYP Access, Durkan Hospitality has anticipated specifiers' various needs when completing a project. Each of the programs represent a variety of tastes and décors, including traditional, contemporary and even transitional to set the right tone for any hospitality installation. All carpet comes standard in a 12-foot width.

Speedy Guestrooms and Corridors
Looking for the right carpet to complete a guestroom or corridor? Designers can choose from 12 of the company's tufted patterns with the Merit QuickShip program. Consideration was given to scale of each pattern—with super-sized decorations included for more public spaces such as convention centers, ballrooms and casinos, while more finely calibrated sizes are available for hotels, restaurants, retail, assisted living and entertainment properties.

With a minimum yardage order of 100 square yards to 1,500 square yards, and decreased lead times, Merit QuickShip provides a broad array of floor coverings to finish a space when time is tight. Carpets are available with a range of backing systems including the Hospitality Performance System (HPS) that greatly enhances tufted carpet performance, while providing a warranty against edge ravel, zippering and delamination.

More Accessible Than Ever
Featuring solution-dyed nylon and a dense textured cut and loop construction, designers are drawn to CYP as an exquisite alternative to more expensive woven carpet. With CYP Access, Durkan Hospitality reduces lead and delivery times of its CYP patterns from a traditional custom order. Patterns are already designed, colored, coordinated and ready-to-order—saving days in the strike-off design process. The design possibilities are endless as designers can mix and match between six colors and 134 custom patterns. The minimum yardage order is 40 square yards to 1,500 square yards.

"Typically, CYP orders can take a few months to complete as we need to stop production and switch out the yarn colors on our machines between custom orders," adds Blair. "With this program, we've dedicated one machine solely to CYP Access orders. Since the machine is always programmed with the standard colors and patterns, we can run it constantly, ultimately leading to shorter lead times."

Print Carpet Made Easy
No time to wait? For hospitality design projects demanding a speedy completion turnaround, there is an arsenal of flooring solutions available with Durkan's print QuickShip program. While a traditional print order might take five to six weeks to deliver, QuickShip guarantees carpet is ready and shipped for installation in five working days.

"Durkan's print QuickShip is the answer for properties with little or no lead time," notes Blair. "It's also ideal for those who are in a time jam because they have not received an original shipment, were shorted by a vendor or have encountered other delays and issues."

The print QuickShip program is available in three colorways, and its 500 patterns are presented to illustrate how hues coord

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