Product Q+A: Luminous SkyCeiling™ by The Sky Factory

July 1, 2007
Luminous SkyCeilingTMBIRTHPLACE
Sky Blue, Petal Pink, Leafy GreenHOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?I'm expansive, fresh ... some say a bit airy, but I like to think of it as always having an open and positive attitude.ASPIRATIONS OR DREAMSI'd like to be installed over every bed in every hospital and eldercare facility-providing portals to always-sunny skies for people.WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?My exquisitely composed large format photographs of beautiful skies, clouds, trees and blossoms, as well as my attention to detail in the reproduction, color and perspective of the sky images so that they look and feel surprisingly real. PROUDEST MOMENT
I was recently installed as a gorgeous 80-foot by 375-square-foot, curved hallway ceiling in Community North Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.DO YOU HAVE A MOTTO?Bringing the vastness of the sky inside.WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME?I feel most at home, and of most benefit, in enclosed interiors with little or no access to natural light or views of the outdoors. I make an enclosed space more spacious feeling, fresh and enjoyable. Even if someone sits at a desk beneath me, their peripheral vision gathers the impression of an open sky above, and I trigger a genuine relaxation response. People feel better, more productive and comfortable as a result of my presence. WHAT IS YOUR BEST FEATURE?Clearly, not modesty ... I am the best illusion of real sky around. Like a magician, I conjure up a convincing illusion of a real blue sky for dark rooms deep inside office buildings, basements, and healthcare facilities. And, I'm always sunny!

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