A&D Firm Deploys New Process Management Software Firm-Wide

July 9, 2007

Manchester, NH - Newforma Inc., a software company addressing the project process needs of the design and building industry, recently announced that Hart Howerton, a firm with projects around the globe specializing in the design of complete community environments, has implemented Newforma Project CenterTM firm-wide. Hart Howerton has deployed Newforma to support a standard environment for project information management in its U.S. and international offices and to facilitate communication and coordination between project team members across geographies and time zones.

After evaluation of multiple solutions, including development initiatives based on Microsoft SharePoint, Hart Howerton selected Newforma based on the degree to which the solution is focused on the specific needs of the AEC industry and also based on the speed with which the solution could be deployed without business disruption. After a brief trial period of approximately three months, Hart Howerton has chosen to deploy Newforma Project Center firm-wide.

"We looked at the option of tailoring SharePoint to address some of our big information management and communication needs," says Brian Depolo, CFO of Hart Howerton. "The Newforma solution had everything we were looking for-especially in the area of project e-mail management, search and document sharing-right out of the box and at a fraction of what it would have cost for us to develop ourselves. We look forward to exploring other dimensions of the solution, like issue management and submittals, as we come up to speed."

Hart Howerton project manager Adrian Doheny is pleased by the way Newforma Project Center has helped improve information search and retrieval in the London office. "Newforma Search is a really powerful timesaver, and the brilliant part about it is that we were able to take advantage of search without any change to our project files and without any disruption of our ongoing project work."  In the New York office, Hart Howerton CAD manager William Work sees value in the way Newforma eliminates the challenges of sharing large files with the external team. "We do a lot of very high-end graphics deliverables during project review sessions with clients, including large storyboards and books. Newforma Info ExchangeTM has solved a lot of heartache with the size of files we are accustomed to exchanging."

"We are pleased to be able to offer a solution which addresses the project information and process management needs of a renowned international design firm like Hart Howerton," adds Newforma CEO Ian Howell. "All too often we see architects and engineers embark upon what is first thought to be a small amount of custom software development, but which quickly balloons into time-consuming requirements specification, product validation, testing, and so on. Hart Howerton has chosen to remain 100 percent focused on the design and delivery of their projects, and Newforma, in turn, will be 100 percent focused on the solution and support required to make Hart Howerton successful."

About Hart Howerton
Founded in 1967 by Robert Lamb Hart, Hart Howerton has grown to be a firm of more than 180 planners, architects, landscape architects and interior designers. With active projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America; in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans; as well as in the United States mainland and Hawaii, Hart Howerton is a firm with global expertise in creating complete design environments built on a genuine understanding of the land and setting, the client financial objectives, and the market. From large-scale land plans to individual buildings and landscapes, Hart Howerton utilizes the broad experience of an interdisciplinary staff located strategically in offices around the globe to create places rooted in the distinct characteristics of their unique settings. For more information, visit www.harthowerton.com.

About Newforma
Newforma is a software company serving architecture, engineering, construction and owner/operator (AECO) organizations worldwide. Its mission is to develop and market industry-leading software solutions which significantly improve the productivity of the building project team by streamlining work processes, reducing exposure from errors and omissions, improving coordination and communication, increasing visibility into costs and quantities, and enabling greater repeatability of project success. Newforma Project CenterTM, Newforma's flagship product, creates a more productive environment for project managers and the project team by organizing project information, facilitating information exchange, and enabling efficient project process. Newforma Project Center is currently at work on thousands of projects in industry-leading AECO firms. For more information about Newforma, visit www.newforma.com or call (603) 625-6212.

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