Product Q+A: Adept™ by Allsteel

Sept. 1, 2007
NAMEAdeptTMBIRTHPLACEMuscatine, IA SIBLINGSI come from a pretty successful family, but I must admit that I'm the most flexible one of the bunch. I get along with all of my Allsteel siblings-AlignTM, TerraceTM, ConcensysTM and ReachTM-as each can use my dividers and components to create flexible, collaborative work areas. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? 
I am versatile and adaptable, yet uncomplicated and straightforward. I'm a team player that adapts to my environment and empowers my siblings to shine. There isn't an Allsteel panel system I don't get along with. I'm a designer's dream because, with me, they can create individual or teaming workstations that are simple, light and clean-and I complement, rather than compete, with their environment. GENETIC MAKEUPI have a fresh, light-scale attitude. And I'm slender, yet surprisingly strong. With me, you can easily reconfigure your office to handle increased personnel without disturbing the spine wall. Desking units can be moved along the spine, and offices can be easily finished with storage, worksurface supports or dividers at the end. WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME?I've never met an office space I didn't like. Of course, I work best when connected to my family of Allsteel's spine wall panels. Together, we create a more flexible and cost-efficient way to support today's open-plan office. WHAT'S YOUR BEST FEATURE?I must say that I'm, well, not only attractive, but also the strong, silent type. You know, light-scale in appearance yet surprisingly durable, uncomplicated and easy to install. Frankly, I'm the new and simpler way to divide space.  And that's in any office.DO YOU HAVE A MOTTO?Accomplish more with less.WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?I tell folks to ‘churn away!' I allow you to easily add two, three or more new employees in the same footprint. I actually enhance systems furniture by letting each part do what it does best.

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