Architect Wins Acclaim for Re-Imagining the Hospital

Sept. 5, 2007

Toronto /PRNewswire/ - The Stockholm-based International Academy for Design and Health has selected Canadian Tye Farrow to be its first Architect Award recipient. This award honors an individual who "makes a significant contribution to health and humanity through the medium of architecture and design."

In granting this award, an independent panel of respected researchers and design professionals recognized Farrow's ability to realize the Academy's highest aspirations for creating hospitals that enhance "health-supportive environmental performance."

Alan Dilani, Ph.D., director of the Academy, has singled out Farrow for achieving buildings that "tick all the boxes, in terms of civic pride, sustainability, functionality and creating a genuinely inspiring space. Tye Farrow re-imagines what a hospital could and should be."

Farrow's approach builds on clients' highest aspirations by delivering functional buildings that also address emotional and spiritual needs. "Ideas about uplifting the human spirit have traditionally been overshadowed by narrowly-focused efforts to increase efficiencies and treat sickness," says Farrow. "Equally important, however, is to understand the relationship between the quality of hospital design and the overall wellness of patients and staff."

"The modern concept of disease is no longer narrowly pathogenic; instead, every disease is seen as having complex origins and effects," says Dilani. "This means that health promotion must be an integral part of facility design. The Academy is recognizing people and projects that demonstrate how the built environment can achieve this critical dimension."

Tye Farrow is senior partner at Farrow Partnership Architects Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Drawing on themes from nature, he has designed award-winning projects across Canada and around the world. He is recognized internationally as a visionary who is setting a new standard for hospital design. Farrow holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University. For more information, go to

The International Academy for Design and Health (Design and Health) was founded in 1997 by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, as a nonprofit forum for the global exchange of research findings among scientists, designers and industry. Under the direction of Alan Dilani, the Design & Health Academy Awards program was initiated this year to recognize work that embodies the Academy's highest standards and advances health-supportive design knowledge. For more information, visit

Source: Farrow Partnership Architects Inc.

For additional information, contact Therese Baron, communications coordinator,
Farrow Partnership Architects, [email protected]; or Sharon VanderKaay, also of Farrow Partnership Architects: [email protected].

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