ASID Study Finds Surge in Designers’ Use of the Internet

Oct. 2, 2007

Washington - The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recently commissioned a national study to determine how many designers take advantage of the Internet for their business. Just two years ago, an ASID study of interior designers in small and medium-sized firms found that just one in four used the Internet for his or her design practice. New results show that statistic has increased radically: today, 92 percent of designers are online. 

"A profession that, as a whole, five years ago did not heavily rely on the Internet now uses it daily. Designers and the design industry have both become more savvy about how to do business online," says Michael Berens, director of research and knowledge resources at ASID headquarters. "The shift is dramatic, and the impact is positive. An overwhelming majority of designers are using the Web because it is faster, more convenient and more up-to-date than traditional information resources, such as catalogs and periodicals."

According to the findings, designers use the Internet for a variety of business-related functions, particularly the selection and research of products. It is also a resource for new product information, design ideas, building codes and education. When asked which single source of information designers would choose if they had to do away with all others they use, the largest group-30 percent of the respondents-chose the Internet, followed by 23 percent who chose showrooms and design centers.

With 174 million Americans surfing the Net, and more and more of them using the Internet to find and hire a designer; it makes sense for designers to tap into that demand. Designers are building Web sites for their practices, and 38 percent already have a site up and running. Hundreds more are listed in online directories, such as the ASID Designer Referral Service.

The Web savvy trend among designers continues to gain momentum, and online integration of their businesses and business functions will continue to grow. To request a copy of the complete findings, send an e-mail to [email protected].

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