Green Nanotechnology—No Longer an Oxymoron

Oct. 22, 2007

Pittsford, NY - G3 Technology Innovations, LLC (G3i) recently announced the successful commissioning of manufacturing equipment designed for large-scale (tons/week) manufacturing of nanomaterials products targeted at the commercial textiles finishing industry. Both the manufacturing process and the resulting products leverage the principles of Green Nanotechnology: to maximize product performance, to minimize environmental and health risks associated with textile finishing products, and to improve product recyclability. 

This process for the manufacture of green nanomaterial products eliminates waste, uses ambient temperature and pressure, and uses aqueous solvents only to create products that limit or eliminate the use of harmful chemistries while improving their economy of use by "making every atom count." Nanomaterials technology, the engineering of materials at the molecular scale, offers the potential to dramatically enhance materials' properties and functionality to positively impact all aspects of human life. The philosophy and practice of green nanotechnology offers this opportunity to head off adverse effects before they occur.

For the commercial textile finishing industry, G3i has introduced GreenShieldTM, a revolutionary new product that repels soil and stains; reduces fluorochemical usage by a factor of six or more; delivers antimicrobial and antibacterial properties without leaching harmful chemistries into the environment; and provides antistatic properties. The green nanotechnology behind GreenShield comes at a time when the commercial textile industry is being repeatedly asked for newer environmental solutions. "The architectural and design community is now better educated when specifying textiles for the commercial marketplace," says Suresh Sunderrajan, co-founder and COO of G3i, "but they want products that perform while lessening the impact on both the environment and human health." 

Adopting green nanotechnology principles enables a paradigm shift from a reactive approach to dealing with environmental and human health issues to a proactive approach of mitigating risks, leading to improved products made using environmentally-benign manufacturing practices. "In the future, manufacturing efficiency will be measured not just by product costs and cycle times but also by process and product sustainability," notes Dr. Joe Bringley, CTO of G3i. "G3i plans to stay ahead of the curve by building products and processes that have been designed ground-up on these principles."

About G3 Technology Innovations
G3 Technology Innovations, LLC (G3i) is a technology company dedicated to improving quality of life by focusing on environmental causes and human health. Based in Pittsford, NY, G3i develops and markets multi-functional nanomaterials products targeted at the textiles, paints and coatings, agricultural, dental and orthopedic industries. For additional information, contact Paul Bennotti, VP of marketing & communications at G3 Technology Innovations: (617) 558-3250 or [email protected].

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