“Sculpture of Light” Wins Student Design Competition

Oct. 29, 2007

Opa Locka, FL - An LED lighting fixture that allows the end-user to "sculpt" unique lighting effects recently took top honors in Luraline's sixth annual "It's Your Light" student design competition.

Architecture student Bryan Giroux of Philadelphia University received a $1,500 prize for his winning entry, "Flux." The design was chosen from more than 100 entries received from interior design, industrial design and architecture departments of schools and universities across the country.

Flux, a wall-mounted LED lighting fixture, features controllable indirect light dispersion, plus a small amount of diffused direct lighting. Consisting of a glass panel backlit by one or more K2 LED bulbs, Flux illuminates the surface of the wall, creating a reflection of light that can supplement general area lighting or serve as a unique design element.

Adjustable brackets allow the client to customize the ratio of indirect lighting versus diffused direct lighting, a small amount of which is possible depending upon the angle of the fixture.

"Flux is designed with two rotational brackets so that the client can decide at what angle to position the fixture, allowing them to create light effects by setting the shape, size and intensity they desire," explains Giroux.  

This Year's Contest to Focus on "Lighting of the Future"
Luraline announced that the theme for this year's competition will be "Lighting of the Future." The competition will be open to both Fall and Spring semester students, with the winner chosen at the end of the school year in June 2008.

"Who knows what form light-generating objects may take in the future?" asks Howard Levine, Luraline president. "We are looking to the next generation of designers to provide inspiration and show us lighting fixtures that have never been seen before."  

For more details, call (800) 940-6588 or visit www.luraline.com.

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