Shaw Industries Receives Seal of Sustainability Certification

Nov. 27, 2007

DALTON, GA - The Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) has awarded Shaw Industries Inc. with its Seal of SustainabilityTM. In its effort to implement equitable worldwide sustainable practices, SBI presents the Seal of Sustainability as a means to honor businesses and leaders committed to sustainable business practices.

According to Jeff West, director of environmental affairs for Shaw's commercial division, the Seal of Sustainability provides third-party recognition for the company's sustainability and environmental stewardship efforts. "The Seal is another validation of the sustainable business practices in place throughout Shaw. In today's environment of corporate skepticism, transparency is key," states West. "We cannot expect our customers to have blind trust regarding the validity our environmental efforts. The Seal provides an outside evaluation of our environmental initiatives and shares Shaw's successes with a broader audience."

"Shaw's commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility is about action, not promises. It exists in real examples of practices currently in place which we continue to improve and refine each day," adds West.

The Sustainable Business Institute is an organization committed to serving as a premier source of service, analysis and integrated information to the public, as well as current and future leaders. SBI's focus is primarily on businesses because of their heavy use of the earth's resources; SBI seeks to educate businesses on choices that can ensure a better quality of life for future generations. Most importantly, SBI assists corporate decision makers and future leaders to understand the economic opportunities of sustainability, including increased competitiveness and market share.

The Sustainable Business Institute is actively meeting with key decision makers, specifically members of Congress, EPA officials and other government leaders to gain their support for the Seal of Sustainability initiative.

About Shaw Industries
Shaw Industries Group Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., manufactures and distributes carpeting, rugs, hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile for residential and commercial applications worldwide. A recognized leader in environmental stewardship, Shaw has implemented hundreds of sustainability initiatives and Cradle-to-Cradle design solutions, collectively termed Shaw Green Edge. For more information, visit

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