2007 ARCHI-TECH Readers’ Choice Awards

Dec. 1, 2007
Presented by ARCHI–TECH magazine, the ARCHI–TECH Readers' Choice Awards feature the most innovative technology products in the commercial buildings market today. Product entries, submitted by manufacturers, were required to be applicable to commercial facilities in the areas of audio/video, building controls, glass and glazing, HVAC, lighting, security, and sustainable technology. During the voting period, which ran from June 1, 2007, through September 1, 2007, ARCHI–TECH's readership of architects, consultants, systems integrators, and other design professionals cast their votes on ARCHI–TECH's website.


Barco’s new iCon NH–12 combines the best of high-brightness and network-centric projectors. With 12,000–lumens light output and full Windows desktop integration of local and networked sources, it is an ideal choice for interactive presentation environments that require full 1080p HD projection.

Maximum Ease of Use
The iCon NH–12 is controlled simply with keyboard and mouse: From the Start menu, select user–defined layouts and sources through advanced Barco software; the NH–12 displays sources in multiple windows that can be resized and dragged anywhere on the screen.

Supreme Color and Light Quality
With 12,000–lumens light output, Barco’s iCon NH–12 is designed to operate in bright environments such as auditoriums or large boardrooms. Thanks to the iCon NH–12’s 1080p HD resolution and three–chip DLP color quality, it can project videoconferencing in the highest detail so that body language and facial expressions are displayed with great accuracy.

Maintenance–free Design
The iCon NH–12 is ergonomically designed, has one of the lowest noise levels in its class, and a guaranteed long system life due to its fully sealed, liquid–cooled optical engine. This prevents dust from entering the projector’s interior, eliminates routine maintenance procedures, and reduces potential system downtime.

Flexible Positioning
Barco’s iCon NH–12 allows a range of horizontal and vertical lens shift options so that it can project optimally and correctly from any angle, with keystone and linearity corrections. Optional warping technology ensures precise projection across nonflat surfaces.


WINNER :: Building ControlsNext | PrevAMERICAN AUTO–MATRIX


The SBC–SD is a compact, addressable network display device capable of interfacing with SBC and SOLO series products using American Auto-Matrix’s PUP Network protocol. Adaptable to most standard applications requiring an operator interface, the SBC–SD provides a configurable data interface environment with a button–driven design housed in a 12–bit, 480– by 272–pixel LCD touchscreen display. It can have up to 50 configurable display screens and reference a maximum of 150 points from one or multiple controllers networked on the same PUP data bus.

SBC–SD offers a single point–of–view interface or an out–station type view for large mechanical or application equipment that may or may not network back to the main HVAC system. It can display current values of operating equipment (e.g. air–handling units, chillers, rooftop units). Users can program SBC–SD to monitor discrete operating values from equipment sensors connected to unitary controllers, such as temperature, flow, and humidity.

The SBC–SD also allows monitoring of large rooms or multiple rooms. For example, it can be installed in the reception area of a small single–floor office and then interconnected to a PUP network with other SBC and SOLO family devices to control multiple rooms (i.e. library, workroom, kitchen, drafting room, and reception). From the reception area, a user can monitor the temperature and status of all the rooms. 

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Heat Mirror® insulating glass from Southwall Technologies Inc., provides insulating values ranging from R–6 to R–20 to save more energy and provide greater ROI benefits than generic low–E and triple–pane insulating glass units for commercial construction and renovation projects.

Low–E insulating glass, consisting of two pieces of coated glass separated by a sealed air space filled with an inert heat-blocking gas, achieves a maximum thermal insulation value of R–4. Heat Mirror insulating glass contains one to three technologically advanced low–emissivity and solar reflective films mounted inside an insulating glass unit, creating multiple insulating cavities. These cavities, filled with heat–blocking gasses such as argon or krypton, dramatically improve energy–conservation performance.  

With a solar heat–gain coefficient as low as 0.27, Heat Mirror provides solar control, equivalent to that of tinted, in clear glass while also blocking 99.5 percent of ultraviolet radiation.

Compared to triple–pane glass, Heat Mirror is 3.5 pounds lighter per square foot. As a result, it can eliminate hundreds of thousands of pounds of dead load in a building's structural design.

Heat Mirror supports the optimal amount of daylight (50–percent level for worksurfaces), reducing the need for lighting controls, glare-reduction devices, and other active and failure-prone systems. Film reduces and often eliminates condensation, stabilizes interior temperatures, and permits year-round use of floor space adjacent to exterior glass.

Southwall Technologies Inc., is recognized worldwide as a leading innovator in the development and manufacture of high–performance, energy–saving films and glass products.





Lower inlet water temperatures characterize the efficient radiator systems manufactured by Meinertz.

The ProLine convection grille series of trench heaters offers flexibility of design as never before. Its system of grilles and water–bearing steel tubes requires only a 4–inch channel for easy installation above or below the floor. Grilles are available without heating elements to provide continuity where heat output is not needed.

The Convec comfort panel series of trench heaters comes in two styles, FloorLine and InLine. FloorLine is made for infloor trench heating. It has a minimal profile of 2 inches deep by 5.5 inches wide and grilles that can be configured to integrate into room designs. InLine has a minimal triangular profile and can be trench–mounted or surface–mounted on wall corners, ceiling corners, and window mullions.

ConLine and TopLine radiators’ robust and compact design offers high thermal performance ranging from 140 to 2,600 but/lf. Their elegant and slim profiles range in width from 2 to 10 inches. ConLine is an attractive, open fin unit; TopLine is enclosed in the front and ends; TopLine–X is completely enclosed for a minimal aesthetic; and TopLine–V is fully enclosed with an integral Danfoss valve.

Selected for the U.S. distribution of the Meinertz products is Design Lines by Henrik Hall Inc., an experienced importer known for its distribution of d line™ architectural hardware. Visit the Design Lines website at




Lutron Electronics’ Vierti dimmer is a new dimension in lighting control that combines minimalist style and easy–to–use functionality in an innovative design. Offering a sense of refined design for extraordinary spaces, Vierti combines both classic and contemporary elements for a sophisticated appearance that works with any application.

Vierti is the world’s first architectural single–touch dimmer, offering the end-user an easy way to set the perfect level of light in any setting: Touch the highest point of the panel for 100–percent bright light or the lowest point for 1–percent light. Adaptive LEDs brighten when touched to indicate the dimmer is responding and then glow softly when at rest.

In addition to multilocation dimming, Vierti also offers the user audible feedback – a soft click confirms the user’s touch. With interchangeable LEDs available in blue, green, or white, and architectural–style wall plates available in 21 colors and finishes, it is possible to specify a look to complement just about any decor. Dimmer also doubles as a night–light when turned off.

“Lighting has an enormous impact on space and design,” says Eric Lind, director of commercial marketing for Lutron Electronics. “It is vital that the lighting in a given area is conducive to what is taking place there. Vierti enables the user to personalize their room, to make it more beautiful, more productive, or more intimate, all with a simple touch.”

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Gunnar Manufacturing has developed a high–impact solution to enhance survivability and facilitate rescue in the aftermath of an explosive event or natural disaster.

Gunnar’s Protective Office Furniture System (POFS) is a unique and patented U–shaped suite of furniture consisting of a desk, bridge, credenza with overhead storage unit, a box/box/file pedestal, a lateral file cabinet, and a Personal Protection Pod (PPP). The system provides a standard workplace environment and a degree of blast protection to the occupant and surrounding colleagues. Its integrated PPP creates a safe haven and a purposeful “void” that facilitates and accelerates rescue operations in the event of a building collapse.

The effectiveness of the POFS is due to several reasons: It is bolted to the ground, preventing it from sliding, toppling, or collapsing; this also prevents the unit from becoming a projectile. The PPP is a built–in shelter, complete with survival kit, creating a safe haven that keeps workers alive until First Responders can facilitate rescue.

Gunnar’s research has shown that regular office furniture collapses and offers little protection when items drop from one floor, or the equivalent of 14 feet. By offering a third level of redundancy that previously did not exist, Gunnar has created a safe refuge for the occupant.

The system can be anchored to various subsurfaces, from concrete to steel to wood. Unitized system integrates multiple structural features; therefore, individual components cannot be used or sold separately.


WINNER :: Sustainable TechnologyBack to Top | PrevSOUTHWALL TECHNOLOGIES INC.


Inefficient windows and glass doors are responsible for more than 10 percent of carbon emissions in the U.S. annually and a major contributor to global warming. Heat Mirror® insulating glass from Southwall Technologies Inc., provides energy–conservation performance ranging from R–6 to R–20 — more than five times the insulating performance of R–4 low–E glass — while reducing carbon emissions accordingly.

Heat Mirror contains one to three technologically advanced low–emissivity and solar reflective films mounted inside an insulating glass unit, creating multiple insulating cavities. These cavities, when filled with heat-blocking gasses such as argon or krypton, dramatically improve energy–conservation performance.

Using either uncoated or low–E coated glass, Heat Mirror insulating glass saves more energy and reduces more CO2 emissions compared to using generic low–E glass alone. It enables greater use of glass to achieve the benefits of increased natural light while conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, preventing condensation and fading, and improving occupant comfort.

Heat Mirror’s insulating performance allows downsizing of HVAC systems. In many cases this up–front capital cost savings can far outweigh the cumulative monthly savings that result from lower energy use.

Heat Mirror thermal and solar shading performance begins where low–E ends, enabling superior glazing solutions that can achieve up to 21 LEED points.

Southwall Technologies combines low–E glass with Heat Mirror suspended film technology to provide a practical, multicavity insulating glass option that is creating the new glass and window energy–performance standard.


AMX's Endeleo UDM–1604 Multi–Format Distribution Hub switches VGA, component, composite and s–video, plus digital or stereo audio, power, bidirectional control, and RS–232 over a single Cat 5/Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable. It also simplifies display management and media distribution with distance support up 1,000 feet, an onboard Web browser, scheduling engine, and IR control of input devices.
Barco's single–chip DLP iCon H500 is a compact, desktop–centric projector that features easy mouse and keyboard control of multiple external and networked sources on a Windows desktop and centralized, remote system management. With light output of 5,000 lumens and contrast ratio of 2000:1, it's ideal for small to midsized collaborative environments and boardrooms requiring extra brightness. Long system lifetime and reliable operation are guaranteed through the H500's dual–lamp design and liquid-cooled, sealed optical engine.
Barco's new three-chip DLP iCon NH–12 is the latest in its line of desktop–centric projection systems. It offers easy mouse and keyboard control of multiple external and networked sources on a Windows desktop and centralized, remote system management in projection quality that three–chip DLP technology can offer. With a light output of 12,000 lumens, it is ideal for any auditorium or conference center that requires advanced networking, picture–in–picture functionalities as well as high brightness.
Raise or lower a flat panel screen with the press of a button with the new CM2L40™ Automated Pop-Up Lift from Chief Manufacturing. Designed for flat panels 61 inches and over or up to 200 pounds, it provides fast adjustments at over 2 inches per second. Lift provides up to 40 inches of travel with a stored height of 31 inches. Auto Drive™ gliding system offers fast and quiet adjustment, and cable management makes installation clean and hassle free.
ClearOne’s XAP® 800 is a complete audio management platform for conferencing and sound–reinforcement applications. It features advanced audio processing performance and delivers crystal–clear audio for optimal intelligibility. Technologies such as Distributed Echo Cancellation®, noise cancellation, first microphone priority, and adaptive modeling work together to deliver pristine audio in a variety of applications and usage models.
Communications Specialties' Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7220 Series fiber–optic link digitally transmits high–resolution RGB (up to WXGA) and stereo audio over one single mode or multimode fiber–optic core. It is compatible with any type of display device that supports VGA, SVGA, XGA, and WXGA, plus HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, and 1080i (RGBHV format only). Product uses all digital processing and compression–free transmission that requires no adjustments, equalization, or deskewing during installation or use.
Tune in digital and analog broadcasts with Contemporary Research's 232–ATSC HDTV Tuner. Meeting new FCC regulations, the 232–ATSC receives ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM channels from switchable air and cable inputs. HD and upscaled analog channels are output simultaneously as HDMI, Component/RGB, and NTSC video with HDMI, 5.1 coax and optical, and stereo audio. Designed for integration, the unit is controllable via two-way RS–232 and discrete IR commands and mounts two–across in a 2RU rack space.
Daktronics' ProPixel® LED elements are individually mountable, direct–view pixels that offer full–motion video, animation, and special effects. Unlike the LED lighting products common in the marketplace, Daktronics engineers ProPixel elements on a video foundation to provide smooth motion reproduction, rich color depth, and control. Features include high brightness even in direct sunlight, water submersible, pixel–level control to wrap a structure of any shape or size, and flexible design for custom applications.
Mitsubishi MegaView PH Series SXGA+ 50– and 67–inch rear–projection display wall cubes feature SmartLamp™ with automatic lamp changer, plus dynamic brightness and color space control, for a nearly plug–and–play unit,. Front–access option is available for space–restrictive installations. With excellent color and display performance, MegaView PH Series is ideal for all mission–critical display wall systems.
The 63HDARMUA, the largest and most versatile mount by OmniMount, has a dual-arm design and a supportive back plate that allow for double–stud mounting. Included universal adapter adjusts to most any 32– to 63–inch flat panel. Features include a wishbone design for added strength, an innovative four–link tilting mechanism, high–capacity integrated cable management covers, easy Lift n’ Lock ™ mechanism, and unique do–it–yourself installation template. The combination of strength, easy installation, and striking product design set this mount apart.
The ShadowBox Series’ SB2R by OmniMount works in conjunction with several of company’s mounts, including the 63HDARMUA. The SB2R is a large in–wall box designed with a double–stud mounting feature for added strength and is paintable to match any wall. Design fits neatly in the wall, offering little to no profile when mounting large– and extra–large flat panels. Box has space for power–conditioning solutions from Panamax and Furman.
OmniMount has pioneered a new category of AV furniture with the design of wall furniture. Its Tria Shelf System can be used with or without a flat panel, offering hassle–free shelving and cable management. Tria is sold as a complete system with three adjustable tempered–glass shelves and integrated cable management. Each shelf can hold up to 30 pounds, getting electronics onto the wall to free floor space. Product has textured plastic finish and platinum look to compliment décor.
The Viking Series Floor Rack System by OmniMount is ideal for professional studios where numerous amplifiers, preamps, processors, equalizers, and other rack–mountable equipment need to be housed in a safe, rugged, and reliable rack system. Designed in EIA–standard rackspace increments, the product’s ventilated component shelves, integrated cable management, and low–profile design that fits into tight spaces are only a few of the benefits.
Pioneer's PDP–507CMX plasma display packs a host of powerful features into a stunning 50-inch panel. The PDP–507CMX was designed with flexibility and compatibility in mind by offering an open architecture expansion slot, which allows for a variety of options in connectivity to meet professional needs.
Renkus–Heinz's Iconyx Digitally Controlled Array Systems integrate advanced technology in audio electronics, loudspeakers, and software to solve a range of acoustical and architectural challenges. System offers precise control of acoustic energy, delivering both clear, intelligible speech and detailed, natural music, even in highly reverberant spaces. Multiple sound beams can be shaped and aimed using intuitive computer software. The tall, slender Iconyx enclosure mounts flush to walls and columns, blending easily with architecturally distinguished environments.
Stewart Filmscreen’s StarGlas® is the world's first architectural rear–projection screen. It is safety–glass–rated and can be installed anywhere glass can. StarGlas contains a unique, proprietary diffusion screen layer laminated between specially formulated glass substrate, which helps dramatically by boosting the amount of forward light transmission while reducing unwanted backscatter. It also offers great uniformity, eliminates potential “hot–spotting,” and provides extraordinary image contrast. Product is available in two configurations, StarGlas 60 and StarGlas 100.
VisionArt recognizes that one of the biggest challenges facing architects and interior designers today is how to incorporate large–format televisions without compromising aesthetics. VisionArt™ is a custom–made retracting fine art canvas system crafted exclusively at the company’s studio in Costa Mesa, CA. VisionArt’s unique, high–quality system conceals plasma, LCD televisions, and electronics behind framed fine art prints mounted on a motorized retracting canvas.
GKD Metal Fabrics , a leading producer of woven wire mesh made of metal, synthetic wires, and fibers, introduces Mediamesh®, a revolution in architectural communication systems. Created in partnership with ag4 media façade GmbH, Mediamesh® is a groundbreaking system that combines stainless steel wire mesh with IT–based LED technology to create permanent and integrated media–based architectural solutions.
ENTRIES :: Building ControlsNext | PreviousHVAC INTERFACE
American Auto–Matrix’s SBC–SD is a compact, addressable network display device capable of interfacing HVAC products that communicate using the American Auto-Matrix PUP network protocol. Easily adaptable to most standard applications, the SBC–SD has up to 50 configurable display screens and can reference a maximum of 150 points from one or multiple controllers networked on the same PUP data bus. A BACnet variant of this device is scheduled for release in 2008.
Häfele’s Dialock locking systems deliver radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and electronic locking in standalone, programmed, or fully networked solutions. Small transponder keys offer optimal security, a long service life without batteries or mechanical wear, and flexible programming based on wireless data transfer. Dialock is ideal for a range of applications, providing the needed security and data at the level required.
SAGE Electrochromics' SageGlass® electronically tintable glazing eliminates having to choose between a design that maximizes the positive attributes of the sun – daylight, view, connection to the outdoors – and one that attempts to minimize its drawbacks – heat gain, glare, and fading. Solar control is achieved without the need for blinds, so the view and design intent are preserved.
Southwall Technologies’ HeatMirror® insulating glass uses advanced thin–film technology to achieve optimal light transmission with 95 percent of the insulating performance of an R–19 wall. A technology so innovative that Popular Science named it one of the "Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium,” it combines high light transmission, solar control, sound insulation, and UV fading protection to dramatically reduce energy costs, enhance comfort, and increase daylighting flexibility for the most demanding sustainable design projects.
Pella® Impervia® fiber glass–composite fixed frames offer the design flexibility and price point of fixed aluminum glazing systems while providing improved energy efficiency. Unlike aluminum systems that are glazed in the field, frames are glazed in a controlled factory environment, maximizing quality while reducing field installation time. Integral mullions, applied grilles, and grilles–between–the–glass can create the appearance of multiple windows in a single frame, thus minimizing joints and the potential for air and water leakage.
Lennox's innovative sensors make it possible to control space temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels in every area of a zoned building when integrated into company’s L Connection® Network. Sensors monitor temperature and indoor air quality, then control zone dampers or variable volume terminal boxes to maintain optimal comfort. An optional LCD interface allows users to view sensor readings and easily adjust space temperature to control comfort.
Lennox's innovative line of rooftop units achieves a low total cost of ownership while also providing a high level of building comfort control. Units are available in high–efficiency versions with features for reducing energy use and simplifying installation and maintenance. Each system features an Integrated Modular Controller for diagnostic capability and more than 200 control parameters customizable for specific applications. Units are available with the optional Humiditrol® Dehumidification System.
Lennox's patented Humiditrol® system offers humidity control by dehumidifying based on an area’s moisture levels, not its temperature, for excellent comfort even on mild days when standard systems can fail. Available as an option on company’s premium rooftop units, the Humiditrol system uses a patented hot gas reheat design to reduce moisture, helping keep occupants comfortable while reducing the spread of allergens. Product maintains ASHRAE 62–2004 fresh air requirements.
Lennox's S–Class™ rooftop units help building designers achieve high-performance, energy–efficient buildings. Up to four cooling or heating stages help create a comfortable environment, contributing to a healthy and productive atmosphere. Optional integral energy recovery wheel allows businesses to take advantage of free cooling and reduces the unit size needed for fresh–air ventilation. ENERGY STAR®–qualified unit features Integrated Modular Controller and offers more than 200 digitally controlled functions and a variety of indoor air quality options.
Meinertz convection radiators are made–to–order for site–specific heat output. Finned tube systems, floor–mounted radiators, and subfloor ProLine systems are available in a range of lengths, sizes, and colors. These highly efficient systems save heating fuel by operating at low water inlet temperatures — 140 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit found most often in U.S. systems. With a required trench depth of only 4 inches, subfloor construction is barely impacted.
Convec FloorLine and InLine hot water radiators are ready to install in a shallow trench that can be in the floor, walls, or anywhere you need the heat. By using a small motorized fan, heat from two copper finned tubes is directed into the space at a rate you control. Unlike panels with traditional flow control, the Convec panel’s heat output is controlled by adjusting the fan speed, making for very rapid adjustment in room temperature. The motor and fan are virtually silent, made with the care and quality you would expect from Meinertz, the manufacturer in Denmark. The discreet panels mix with any building style and purpose, to deliver the quiet comfort of Convec.
ENTRIES :: LightingNext | PreviousPAN AND TILT
The functional design of Apollo’s Right Arm™ makes it easy to add pan and tilt capabilities to a wide variety of lighting, video, and projection devices. Repositioning previously stationary gear from a console reduces equipment and labor costs as well as safety hazards, making the Right Arm the right choice.
Barco’s MiSTRIP is a new creative pixel strip that can be used in a variety of LED display applications – from large free–form video displays to architectural visual design. Product offers high brightness and tight pixel pitch in a slim, lightweight yet rugged package. Possibilities also include bright video displays of any size, shape, or form and lighting–type effects in one package. IP65 protection rating and wide operating temperature range enable outdoor usage in any weather conditions.
Color Kinetics' eW™ Cove Powercore fixture is an LED fixture that offers high–quality white light, has a simple line–power installation, and lasts for years. This high–performance linear fixture is designed for interior alcoves in lobbies, atriums, schools, museums, malls, stores, and other public spaces. It also works well in applications such as shelving, product lighting, and display cases.
D3's TrueElement LED display product uses a color theory–based diode placement array and special processing algorithms to maximize color output and brightness. The TrueElement pixel takes color depth and brightness to an unmatched level in LED display systems. Every diode displays the true data sample present at that location of the LED, which enhances the overall image. The M&M' S displays in Times Square use a combined 2.5 million individual red, green, and blue LEDs.
As Juno Lighting Group's newest brand, Elate specification–grade luminaires strike the optimal balance between brightness control, optical efficiency, and aesthetics. Elate offers open and lensed downlights, wall wash and adjustables with CFL, induction, HID, incandescent, and low–voltage sources. Line also features a full range of pull–down and multiple–lamp–aiming adjustables for display lighting. The most popular models are available from stock; company also has a make–to–order expertise.
Lutron Electronics introduces a new single–room light control solution: GRAFIK Eye® QS. This next generation of GRAFIK Eye is enhanced with more architectural options and the ability to control shades without additional interfaces. Users can control lights and shades with backlit buttons resembling Lutron's seeTouch™ style keypads. GRAFIK Eye QS includes an information display detailing energy savings and light levels. Lights and shades can also be controlled automatically via occupancy sensors or the integral time clock.
Lutron Electronics introduces Sivoia QS, a new shading technology that communicates seamlessly with Lutron's GRAFIK Eye QS lighting control system, offering complete single-room integration with no interfaces and easier installation. With the launch of Sivoia QS, shading systems can be controlled from the same classic, intuitive wall control as the lights and carry the same physical form as Sivoia QED. GRAFIK Eye QS supports up to three columns for shade keypads, as compared to Sivoia QED, which requires external SG–SVC interface keypads.
Lutron Electronics introduces Vierti, a distinctive new lighting control giving a room the ideal level of light all with a simple touch. Vierti offers users an easy way to dim lights while elegantly enhancing any space. Touch the highest point for 100 percent light or the lowest point for 1 percent light. Vierti offers audible feedback to confirm the user's touch. It is available in green, white, or blue light.
Watt Stopper/Legrand’s new family of wall switch occupancy sensors uses passive infrared, ultrasonic, or dual technology. Family includes a variety of features and options as well as a stylish new product design with a consistent look and feel. Every sensor is packaged in an attractive, ultraslim decorator style device, available in five colors. The low–profile sensor lenses match the color of each switch. Line and low–voltage switches accommodate different wiring needs as well as dual–relay switches.
ENTRIES :: SecurityNext | PreviousNETWORK INTERCOM
Aiphone's AN–8000 Network Intercom offers flexible communications for up to 1280 stations on existing local and wide area data networks. The intercom occupies minimal network bandwidth (130 kbps maximum) for station–to–station calls and can be controlled and monitored through software or Web browser. Programmable system functions include 160 paging zones, time–based call forwarding, priority call, remote control activation, and scan monitoring.
Aiphone's new AX Series offers intercom communication that integrates into other existing security systems including CCTV and electronic access control and transfers call to telephone. The system supports up to eight master stations and 120 substations all wired on Cat 5e cable. The AX Series is PC programmable so system communication and functionality is set up in a snap. Audio–video door stations with embedded HID® ProxPoint® Plus card readers are also available to create a complete all–in–one solution.
Keep locked doors locked! Aiphone releases the new JF Series, a quick and easy–to–install video intercom system. Both the JF Standard and JF Enhanced systems include door release and entrance monitoring. The JF Enhanced also features built-in picture memory to record visitors, a new voice memo feature to leave messages on the inside station, and a new entrance message feature, which allows for prerecorded messages to be played to visitors.
Concealite Life Safety Products has developed several products that allow designers to provide emergency lighting and fire alarm appliances that are concealed in the walls and/or ceilings until they are activated. The door will rotate 180 degrees and the unit will begin operation. The doors and frames can be painted, wallpapered, or appliquéd to blend with surrounding material. Concealite will customize the product to fit the designer's requirements.
Gunnar's Protective Office Furniture System is a high–impact technology solution to enhance survivability and facilitate rescue in the aftermath of an explosive event or natural disaster. It is a patented U–shaped suite of office furniture with a built–in Personal Protection Pod (PPP). The integrated PPP not only provides a safe haven for the occupant, but also provides a “void” to accelerate rescue operations.
Häfele’s Dialock locking systems deliver radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and electronic locking in standalone, programmed, or fully networked solutions. Small transponder keys offer optimal security, a long service life without batteries or mechanical wear, and flexible programming based on wireless data transfer. Dialock is ideal for a range of applications, providing the needed security and data at the level required.
Krieger’s KriegerPlate bullet–resistant doors are designed to protect personnel and property from direct arms fire. Doors are constructed of formed, heavy–gauge, steel–face sheets overlaying a custom–engineered, steel rib core with interior armor plate. Available in both metal and wood veneer, assemblies can be manufactured in flush design or with vision lights and as single or pairs of hinged doors, including single or biparting horizontal sliding doors. Assemblies are available manual– or power–operated.
International Electronics’ (IEI’s) 2000 series access control keypads manage up to 500 unique PIN codes and provide access control functionality, including monitoring door position, controlling locking hardware, and triggering propped door, forced door, and alarm shunt outputs. Two onboard Form C outputs can be expanded using the 8 relay module (2000–8EX) for a total of 10 Form C outputs. The 2000 series operates standalone or as a reader to IEI and most Wiegand system controllers.
International Electronics’ (IEI’s) eMerge is an integrated security management system with embedded software. The Linux operating system – MySQL database and Web server – all embedded in eMerge, make it both easier to use and more powerful than legacy access control and security systems. There’s no server or client software, no gateways, no new communications wiring to install, no plug–in hardware adapters for connectivity, and no software compatibility issues to deal with.
International Electronics’ (IEI’s) Max 3 starts as a single–door access control system. Plug–in Door Control Modules allow the system to expand as requirements grow. It supports Wiegand and the complete line of IEI system keypads and readers. Max 3 backplane provides expansion for three Door Control Modules, totaling four modules per can. It can also be combined with other Max 3 panels to control up to 64 doors. Hub Manager Professional software included.
International Electronics’ (IEI’s) prox.pad plus is a fully integrated, PC–managed single door access system with a standalone proximity reader and keypad. Enhanced system functionality is achieved with (included) Hub Manager Professional software, which provides easy–to–create reports and step–by–step, wizard–assisted expanded feature functionality to manage people and doors. A higher level of security is achieved by requiring the use of both the proximity reader and keypad together to grant access.
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By incorporating multiple innovative technologies to meet many specifications, Lightolier Controls' IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensor no longer relies upon simple motion detection, but instead offers true occupancy sensing with a significantly expanded detection range of 4,000 square feet, which directly correlates to energy and monetary savings. Built for universal voltage with only one ground wire, the Intellisight Occupancy Sensor is self-tuning and adaptive; therefore no adjustments are needed during installation. Simply install and walk away.
Southwall Technologies’ HeatMirror® insulating glass uses advanced thin–film technology to achieve optimal light transmission with 95 percent of the insulating performance of an R–19 wall. A technology so innovative that Popular Science named it one of the "Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium,” it combines high light transmission, solar control, sound insulation, and UV fading protection to dramatically reduce energy costs, enhance comfort, and increase daylighting flexibility for the most demanding sustainable design projects.

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