G3i Announces Low Fluorocarbon Treatment Certification from SCS

Jan. 8, 2008

G3 Technology Innovations (G3i), a nanomaterials company dedicated to environmental causes, and Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a third-party certification services and standards development company, recently announced that G3i's textile finish product, GreenShieldTM, has been certified by SCS as a low Fluorocarbon treatment. 

GreenShield is the first textile finish in the world to receive this pioneering certification from SCS.

Unlike other textile finishes on the market today, GreenShield uses on average eight times less fluorocarbon to deliver similar or better water and oil repellency performance on most fabrics. Fluorocarbons have been shown to be persistent in the environment and bio-accumulative, a term which specifically refers to the accumulation of a toxic substance in various tissues of a living organism. In this manner, compounds such as fluorocarbons can potentially be harmful to life. 

Due to the dramatic reduction in the use of fluorocarbons compared to other industry products, GreenShield provides innovative environmental and health benefits unmatched by any other textile finish on the market today.

GreenShield is made using proprietary processes that leverage the principles of green nanotechnology to eliminate waste, reduce energy use, and use only water-based solvents. The result is a product with significant reductions in the use of harmful chemical compounds while improving their economy of use by "making every atom count."

"This is a real break-through for the textile industry. The balance between the performance requirements of fabrics and the need to lessen the impact of those fabrics on the environment and human health are extremely important to the specifiers and consumers of textiles," notes Dr. Joseph Bringley, chief technology officer of G3i.

"Reducing the amount of harmful chemicals needed to produce manufactured goods is an important part of creating a healthier environment. By significantly reducing fluorocarbon compounds, this new product from G3i sets a new environmental benchmark for all other textile finishes," says Ed Wyatt, SCS program manager for material content certification.       

The use of GreenShield helps textile fabrics reduce their impact on the environment and human health. Products with the GreenShield finish will be available through fabric jobbers, distributors and furniture manufacturers.

About G3i
G3 Technology Innovations (G3i) is a technology company dedicated to improving the quality of life by focusing on environmental causes and human health. Based in Pittsford, NY, G3i develops and markets multi-functional nanomaterials products targeted at the textiles, paints and coatings, agricultural, dental and orthopedic industries.

For further information regarding G3 Technology Innovations and GreenShield, contact Paul Bennotti at (617) 558-3250 or visit www.greenshieldfinish.com.

About SCS
For more than two decades, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs aimed at establishing the highest levels of environmental improvements, social accountability, and product performance. As a leader in green building product certification since 1990, SCS was the first company to offer manufacturers a program for verifying the accuracy of environmental claims on products. Certification programs for building products include SCS Indoor AdvantageTM Gold, SCS Sustainable ChoiceTM, Environmentally Preferable Product, Recycled content, Biodegradability, and more. For more information, call SCS at (510) 452-8000 or visit www.scscertified.com.

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