TioxoClean Garners Certifications from SCS

Jan. 15, 2008

TioxoClean Inc., a manufacturer of water-based, light-activated, photocatalytic surface protectants, and Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a third-party certification services and standards development company for environmental and sustainability claims, announced that TioxoClean Inc.'s air cleansing TioxoFresh® coatings for fabrics and self-cleaning TioxoClean® surface treatments for walls and other rigid surfaces have both been certified SCS Indoor AdvantageTM Gold.

TioxoClean and TioxoFresh are the first water-based, photocatalytic, grime preventing, air purifying, surface treatments in the world to receive this indoor air quality certification from SCS. 

The SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification sets the toughest limits on indoor air emissions in the building products sector. It is based upon rigorous, peer-reviewed science and uses the health-based exposure limits required by the state of California for school children. This level of certification meets North America's strictest indoor air emission criteria, namely the CHPS low-emitting materials requirements outlined in the California section 01350 specification ... the first health-based building material specification.

"These are the first such certifications that SCS has awarded for a photocatalytic solution.  More important, TioxoClean's achievement of these two product certifications helps verify their commitment to environmental performance," says Stowe Hartridge-Beam, SCS program manager for Indoor Advantage Gold certification.

Patricia Begley, CEO of TioxoClean Inc. adds, "We greatly appreciate this important recognition of the environmental friendliness of our products by SCS, the quality leader in certification programs that help drive environmentally beneficial and sustainable technologies."

In addition to its indoor air quality benefits certified under the auspices of SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, TioxoFresh has other significant environmental benefits. TioxoFresh is 99.5 percent water and 0.5 percent mineral and contains no enzymes, solvents or perfumes. TioxoFresh is currently used on household curtains and carpets, pet bedding and car interiors to dramatically improve indoor air quality. Unlike other products that claim to resolve odor issues, TioxoFresh is the only solvent-free solution for fabrics and textiles that completely eliminates odors. TioxoFresh works by actively and continuously oxidizing or breaking up VOCs (volatile organic compounds) at the molecular level. 

TioxoClean, meanwhile, is used on walls, siding, roofing, glass, cement and hard surfaces of all types. It forms an invisible, well-adhered, ultra thin, long lasting, mineral film that uses light to actively protect nearly all materials from the buildup of any organic matter-including bio-film, bacteria, molds or fungi. One application of TioxoClean creates a self-cleaning and odor-eliminating surface that works for months and even years-cutting maintenance, energy and cleaning chemical costs by up to half.

The environmental benefits of the innovative technology behind both products extend beyond the elimination of odors to the active decomposition of harmful VOCs such as ammonia, formaldehyde and nicotine. One application lasts for months and uses light to clean the air rather than chemicals.

UV-PCO (ultraviolet photocatalytic oxidation) technology was discovered more than 30 years ago in Japan and is broadly described as the opposite of photosynthesis. Photocatalysis is a natural process in which light-either sunlight or artificial indoor light-hits a mineral and triggers a chemical reaction that safely breaks up or decomposes organic matter. UV-PCO technology is widely used in Asia and Europe to power such environmentally innovative products as self-cleaning windows, smog-eating cement and self-sanitizing ceramic tiles. TioxoClean's breakthrough in creating a water-based approach to UV-PCO should help accelerate the American market's acceptance of this environmentally important technology.

Information about TioxoClean Inc.
TioxoClean Inc. is based in New York City and was founded in 2004. TioxoClean is the only U.S. manufacturer of aqueous photocatalytic solutions and is a pioneer in the introduction to America of this new green, clean technology to help solve pressing environmental, food safety and infection control issues. TioxoClean works directly with Fortune 1000 manufacturers to develop in-factory application and trains and supports certified TioxoClean applicators for the aftermarket application to existing buildings and vehicles. For further information regarding TioxoClean, contact Glen Finkel at (212) 916-7478 or visit www.tioxocleaninc.com.

Information about SCS
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a third-party auditing, testing and certification services and standards development company for environmental and sustainability claims. For more than two decades, SCS has developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs aimed at establishing the highest levels of environmental improvements, social accountability, and product performance. As the leader in green building product certification since 1990, SCS was the first company to offer manufacturers a program for verifying the accuracy of environmental claims on products. Certification programs for building products include SCS Indoor AdvantageTM Gold, SCS Sustainable ChoiceTM, Environmentally Preferable Product, Recycled content, Biodegradability, and more. For more information, call SCS at (510) 452-8000 or visit www.scscertified.com.

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