Product Q&A: Dimensions by Roppe

March 1, 2008
NAMESRandom, Stripe and Crackle, of the Dimensions Rubber Tile family.BIRTHPLACEFostoria, OhioROOTSWe are the newest generation of rubber flooring tiles-combining the functionality of our ancestors with the style and color options that the current market demands!SIBLINGSOur older siblings are quite popular, almost celebrity-like in the rubber flooring industry. You will probably be most familiar with the twins, Vantage and Low Profile, who are a couple of raised circular design tiles. FAVORITE COLORSIt's so hard to choose just one. We just got a complete makeover and our palette of 70 color choices includes many of the new colors forecasted into 2009. Being available in the best color options in the industry makes us feel a bit spoiled! HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?We are fun, exciting, appealing, cutting-edge, easy to work with, and fortunate to hail from such rich and famous ancestry in the commercial flooring market.WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?Well, although we are related, we do have our own unique appearances. Random is not at all like the rest of us, as there is no pattern ... an original free spirit if you will. Stripe is pretty cut and dry, with linear patterns that point to that attribute. Crackle is by far the most abstract and unique member of the family.WHAT'S YOUR BEST FEATURE?We would like to think it's our versatile good looks, but it's more likely our comfort under foot, ease of installation and minimal maintenance qualities that make us popular among designers, installers and end-users alike.WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME?Corporate, hospitality, or healthcare applications seem to beg for our attention, but we enjoy educational and retail projects too.ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINTAlthough we are created from virgin materials, we meet CHPS (the Collaborative for High Performance Schools) criteria for emissions and have received approval for use in educational or comparable settings; and our adhesive options meet LEED® EQ4.1 credits in all building types.   PROUDEST MOMENTNeoCon® 2007 in Chicago when we were introduced to the industry. We were greeted with excitement and anticipation because of the great new designs that could be created around us. We felt right at home as we were welcomed by design professionals and industry trade publications alike!

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