G3i Receives Indoor Advantage Gold Certification from SCS

March 10, 2008

G3 Technology Innovations (G3i), a nanomaterials company dedicated to environmental causes, and Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), an independent, third-party certification services and standards development company, together announced that G3i's textile finish product, GreenShieldTM, has received Indoor AdvantageTM Gold certification. This standard sets the toughest limits for indoor air emissions and guarantees that products contribute to a healthy and safe indoor environment.

GreenShield has now received two certifications from SCS. In addition to the Indoor Advantage Gold certification, GreenShield has also received certification as a Low Fluorocarbon Treatment.

G3i markets the GreenShield brand of textile finishes to the architectural and design community, end-users and facility managers, where indoor air quality is an important issue. For the commercial textile finishing industry, GreenShield is a revolutionary new product that repels soils and stains, reduces fluorochemical usage by a factor of eight or more, and can deliver flame retardant, antistatic and anti-odor (microbe and bacteria resistance) properties.

Through the use of green nanotechnology principles, G3i has developed a proprietary process that eliminates waste, uses ambient temperature and pressure, and uses aqueous solvents only to create products that limit or eliminate the use of harmful chemistries while improving their economy of use. "Receiving two certifications from SCS is a huge step for GreenShield and G3i", says Dr. Alex Qiao, president of G3 Technology Innovations. "This complements and strengthens our commitment to finding solutions for the environment and human health issues."

GreenShield provides innovative environmental and health benefits unmatched by any other textile finish on the market today, due to the dramatic reduction in the use of fluorocarbons compared to other industry products. "For the first time a textile finish can help fabrics reduce their impact on the environment," adds Dr. Qiao.

Products with the GreenShield finish will be available through fabric jobbers, distributors and furniture manufacturers.

The SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification sets the toughest limits on indoor air emissions in the building products sector. Based on rigorous, peer-reviewed science, the certification uses the health-based exposure limits required by the State of California for school children. This level of certification meets North America's strictest indoor air emission criteria, namely the CHPS Low-Emitting Materials requirements outlined in the California Section 01350 Specification, the first such health-based building material specification.

"We're excited about offering such a major second certification to G3i, and pleased that they're responsibly expanding the scope of environmental assessment for their product offerings," says Stowe Hartridge-Beam, SCS program manager for Indoor Advantage Gold. "Reducing chemicals of concern from manufactured goods is an important part of creating a healthier environment."

Information about G3i
G3 Technology Innovations (G3i) is a technology company dedicated to improving the quality of life by focusing on environmental causes and human health. Based in Pittsford, NY, G3i develops and markets multi-functional nanomaterials products targeted at the textiles, paints and coatings, agricultural, dental and orthopedic industries. For further information regarding G3 Technology Innovations and GreenShield, contact Paul Bennotti, VP of marketing and communications, (617) 558-3250, or visit www.greenshieldfinish.com.

Information about SCS
For more than two decades, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs aimed at establishing the highest levels of environmental improvements, social accountability, and product performance. As a leader in third-party, independent green building product certification, SCS was the first company to offer manufacturers a program for verifying the accuracy of environmental claims on products. Certification programs for building products include SCS Indoor AdvantageTM Gold, SCS Sustainable ChoiceTM, Environmentally Preferable Product, Recycled content, Biodegradability, and more. For more information, call (510) 452-8000 or visit www.scscertified.com.

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