Product Q&A: Ice by Joel Berman Glass Studios

April 1, 2008
NAMEIceBIRTHPLACEVancouver, CanadaSIBLINGSI am the youngest (and some say "coolest") from a very large family of architectural cast glass textures. I get along well with all my other 36 siblings and I love being the latest addition to our cast glass family as I get lots of attention. MEASUREMENTSI can be as tall as 104 inches, but I like to fit in. I am very versatile and can conform to any specifications for all sorts of applications.FAVORITE COLORS
The various stages of the casting process create my beautiful clear and light green natural color. But pick a color, any color, and I will wear it!FIRST JOB(s)
At USG Headquarters in Chicago and at the NHL Headquarters in New York.ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINTI'm available in up to 80 percent of pre- and post-consumer recycled material.HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?I represent an abstraction of the crystalline structure of frozen water. My angular and rectilinear design is defined by fused layers of glass and finished with a smooth surface and love of light. WHAT'S YOUR BEST FEATURE?My translucency makes me deep and mysterious. ASPIRATIONSI dream to dress the Crystal Palace in an Ice glass façade.WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?
Although deep, complex with many layers and well polished, I am very low maintenance. My texture allows for privacy without blocking the light. And because of my beautiful and elaborated texture, I can hide any fingerprints and abrasion marks, which makes me very desirable in a high-traffic environment. WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME?
Whether installed as a focal point in the lobby of a hotel, dividing a room in a corporate commercial setting or serving as an alluring counter top application for a restaurant, I feel at home anywhere as I am suitable for a multitude of interior and exterior applications. DO YOU HAVE A MOTTO?Coolest glass on earth! PROUDEST MOMENT
When the New York Times said that I was, "Neither slippery nor cold, but beautiful just like Ice."

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