Product Q+A: Cavea by Cumberland Furniture

May 1, 2008
NAMECavea BIRTHPLACEGrand Rapids, MIPARENTSGary Lee Partners and Cumberland FurnitureSIBLINGSMy family is known as the Modo Collection. I have eight seating siblings, including my bench siblings, and I also have three table siblings: Gala, Novo and Suo. MEASUREMENTSA conservative Midwest girl like me usually doesn't share this information but I am available in 16-, 20-, 36- and 42-inch diameters. My heights often vary depending on my activities. When I am wearing my larger diameters, I usually stick to a height of 16 inches; however, when I am in more of a cocktail mood, I give my dates the option of 16-, 20- or 24-inch heights.ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINTI'm concerned with looking good and lasting a lifetime. Some girls out in the market cheapen themselves by using chrome-plated steel, but not me! I wouldn't dream of exposing myself and those around me to that noxious wasteful process. Because I want to ensure good looks and good performance, durable stainless steel is all I wear. FAVORITE COLORSWhy choose one? Limiting your ability to express yourself should be a crime. When the party scene is more traditional black tie, cocktail dress and violins, I often go Statuary Bronze. When it's bright and bold and the music is kicking, I wear a little Polished around my waist. But I feel most comfortable when I am wearing the comfort of Satin.HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?I like rings. I wear them at my top and bottom. I'm flexible; I can flex my metal "ribbons" in to form a concave shape or out to form a convex shape. I'm bold; my shape is such that I tend to stand out in a crowd and as a result I am often remembered by everyone at the party.WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?I don't like to brag, but my curves are to die for ... as is everything else about me. I am available convex or concave in varying heights to allow for nesting and clustering. My top options include the rare and elegant "starphire" glass as well as 15 different stones, including marbles, granites, limestones ... even slate! I'm elegant and tend to add drama to any room I enter.WHAT'S YOUR BEST FEATURE?Definitely the flexibility of my waist. In recent years, many modern "drums" have appeared. Some of them are wood, some are plastic, and some are metal. While they may curve and bend, I have yet to see another who can match up to "tables that nest and cluster"—as my motto conveys. WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME?
Wherever there is anyone who appreciates good design and classic looks. At work, on vacation or studying, as long as I am surrounded by beautiful design, I feel at home.ASPIRATIONSTo enhance interiors with style and grace and to be a timeless classic that is specified by designers today, tomorrow and a century from now.

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