World-Class Restaurant Lights Up in Beijing

May 1, 2008

Klubb Rouge, the eagerly awaited restaurant designed by rising design star, Imaad Rahmouni, will soon open in Bejing to warm up the Olympic nights.

In the wake of the success of Shanghai's Bar Rouge, the French architect (former pupil of Philippe Starck) puts his signature to this new restaurant set to become a must for the sparkling Chinese capital.

Photos: Davide Lonzarich

One of the club's distinctive feature is a cascade of glass and light created by Andromeda. The decorative lighting creation has 650 irregular Murano glass spheres, blown and shaped by hand and arranged in four rows with 22 cascades each for a total of 88 (in respect of Chinese numerology in which 8 is a lucky number). The creation takes up a total surface area of 82 square meters and is the characterising feature of the restaurant, becoming its iconographic and identifying element. The exclusive hand working of the glass is accompanied by latest generation lighting technology - 8000 LEDs and 250 spotlights powered by fibre optics provide diffuse atmospheric lighting.

The color red, which characterizes the restaurant concept as a whole and also inspires its name, is the star of the work. The spheres with a different intensity and transparency according to the thickness of the glass are modelled individually in appropriate sizes and shapes to create a play of perspectives and reflections, shimmering like fluctuating bodies along a soft wave.

Throughout the vibrant length of the work, the spheres are mirrored in a steel plate which reflects and expands the chromatic effect from the top to the bottom. The light stimulates a captivating three dimensional effect, helping to create an experience of immersion in red.

The effect obtained is the result of the union between glass working skills (precision and attention to detail, the play of colours, the technique underlying production) and the appeal of a modern design with a free expression.

Developed on the basis of Rahamouni's general concept, this project is an example of perfect dialogue and complicity between designer and creator and the maximum expression of Andromeda. The entire creative and development work in fact took place in the Murano workshops.

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