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June 18, 2008
June 18, 2008
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Heritage Glass is a colored glass aggregate supplier to the terrazzo industry. We have taken the best color formulations and developed a way to process recycled glass into a terrazzo aggregate that has a desirable, multi-dimensional shape and permanent color that is not found in natural marble aggregate. With a wide range of color, glass is a perfect choice in terrazzo. Transparent glass also adds a sparkle and depth to terrazzo floors that can't be duplicated.

For more information, visit:http://www.heritageglass.net/.

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It’s Alive!

Nope, not Frankenstein’s monster: This big, green living machine is the Hilton Baltimore Convention Center Hotel, the only commercial building in downtown Baltimore that has a green roof. The roof not only helps with storm water management and protects against UV rays, but it also cuts energy costs.
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Teaming Up for Research
Two new research facilities being built in Richland, WA, are connected by a transparent atrium to allow employees from both buildings to collaborate and share research ideas. The facilities also feature 10,000 square feet of raised computer floor space that will enable researchers to explore the next generation of computing design.
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Do the Wave
San Marcos, CA-based Hunter Industries recently completed a new headquarters that echoes the company’s commitment to sustainability. Thanks to many sustainable features, including a “greenwave wall” that helps block the sun’s heat, rooftop photovoltaics, and daylight harvesting, the facility recently won two energy awards.
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Three Stories of Functions
Architects of a new building at San Diego Mesa College designed the facility three stories high to accommodate the college’s widespread needs but will also incorporate several horizontal elements to offset the building’s height. A computer lab, a clinical dental lab, a medical lab, and faculty and staff offices will be housed in the building, which will also serve as a landmark for the college.
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Briefly Noted

New Retail Facility to Open in La Jolla
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