Koloroo Products Now Free to Download With an Act of Kindness Pledge

July 1, 2008

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - Koloroo, the color science division of software design firm Guifx, recently announced that it will offer all of its color planning products as Careware-meaning that all four Koloroo applications are completely free, they only ask that you promise to do something nice for someone before you download. It doesn't matter how big or small your act of kindness is, just post your plans for a good deed on the Koloroo blog (www.koloroo.com/tell-us) and start downloading.

"The entire team at Koloroo really enjoyed working on these fun little applications," says Morgan Strauss, director of marketing. "We all felt that this division of our business could serve as a sort of bartering tool that we could use to get people to do some good. We're hoping that visitors who download this useful tool for free will be eager to reciprocate our generosity with some of their own."

The Koloroo line uses award winning "color brain technology" to blend together the science and art of color theory. The result is a color planning tool designed for Windows, Windows Mobile, and iPod. In any of these platforms, Koloroo allows the user to generate color schemes that are useful for designing Web sites and graphic art, choosing paint colors and throw pillows, picking a tee-shirt or picking a bouquet. It is programmed with the scientific formulas for analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, and shades of color.

The PC version lets you interactively explore more than 100 million color schemes. Simply drag your cursor over the color wheel to select a base color, pick a color theory from the drop down menu, and watch Koloroo generate and display complete color schemes based on your choices.

In Windows Mobile, Koloroo develops color schemes based on photographs you take with your phone's camera. The software identifies base colors in the photograph and displays them in a simple grid. Use the cursor keys to select a color and then select key one through six to display one of the six programmed color schemes.

For iPod, select your base color by moving you thumb over the click wheel. Sixteen shades of your base color are housed in the outer wheel for you to select from, and a suggested color scheme is automatically displayed in the four corners of the screen.

Koloroo also designed a TipKalc program, just for fun, that is also compatible with iPod. Just spin the click wheel to automatically calculate your tip amount and grand total. TipKalc can also split your check up to five ways.

Strauss adds, "I'm really looking forward to reading about what Koloroo users plan to contribute, and I'm hoping they'll continue to post the results of their good deeds. Careware is one of the most exciting ways that charity can be enhanced by technology."

Koloroo products were originally priced at $50 for the Windows version and $10 for all iPod products. They went by the names Koloroo, KolorCapture and KolorWheel. As Careware products, they are free to download. Acts of kindness will be recorded on the Koloroo blog and in an Acts of Kindness Counter on the Web site at www.koloroo.com. For more information about Koloroo, contact Lucy Fortin at [email protected].

About Guifx/Koloroo
Guifx is a software and design firm headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL. The company specializes in the user interface design and high-resolution graphics of touch panel controls that simplify the use of complicated home and business automation systems. Guifx licenses their products to several high-end electronics manufacturers and designs compatible, downloadable templates and applications for electronics dealers to incorporate into their custom systems. The firm's mobile software and color science division, Koloroo, develops third-party applications for Windows PC, Windows Mobiles and iPod. For additional information on Guifx, visit www.guifx.com.

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